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David Booth wrote:
Glad to see these documents in Last Call.  

One suggestion though: It would be helpful if references to classes and
properties that are defined in the document were hyperlinks to their
definitions, since that would allow the reader to more easily navigate
through the document.  This is commonly done in specifications like

For example, in reading this section:
3.2.17 sd:namedGraph
Relates an instance of sd:GraphCollection (or its subclass sd:Dataset)
to the description of one of its named graphs. The description of such a
named graph MUST include the sd:name property and MAY include the
sd:graph property.

the next thing that I (as a reader) am likely to need to see is the
definition of sd:GraphCollection or sd:NamedGraph, so it would be
helpful if they were links.


Thank you for the comment. Intra-document links have been added to the editor's draft of the document and will appear in the next publication.

We would be grateful if you would acknowledge that your comments have been answered by sending a reply to this mailing list.

Regards, Gregory Williams, on behalf of the SPARQL WG.