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Dear Antoine,

in you expressen concerns about the fixed datatype map for the D-Entailment Regime. The WG wants to inform you that due to your and Michael Schneider's comment ( the WG has reconsidered the decision. The D-Entailment Regime has been changed to no longer prescribe a fixed datatype map. Instead, systems are required to provide a means to determine which datatype map they use, e.g., by stating that in the system documentation. The only requirement is that a canonical mapping must be defined, which is needed to ensure finiteness of the answers.

The current editor's draft is available at:

Since we have not yet recieved a reply from you (also regarding the other requested changes, which have been addressed almost fully as requested), we would be grateful if you would acknowledge that your comment has now been answered by sending a reply to this mailing list.

Birte, on behalf of the SPARQL-WG