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14:52:17 <trackbot> Meeting: SPARQL Working Group Teleconference
14:52:17 <trackbot> Date: 21 February 2012
15:03:22 <kasei> topic: admin
15:03:29 <kasei> PROPOSED: approve minutes at
15:03:36 <MattPerry> MattPerry has joined #sparql
15:03:36 <bglimm> +1
15:03:51 <AndyS> Looks good to me.
15:03:51 <kasei> RESOLVED: approve minutes at
15:04:07 <kasei> topic: Status of GSP  publication
15:04:07 <Zakim> +MattPerry
15:04:11 <cbuilara> kasei: hard to address some of the topic issues
15:04:20 <cbuilara> scribenick: cbuilara
15:04:58 <cbuilara> bglimm: I reviewed the document
15:05:16 <cbuilara> kasei: a new round of final review needed
15:05:26 <cbuilara> bglimm: Sandro and I will have another look
15:05:47 <kasei> topic: RDF WG liason
15:05:52 <cbuilara> AndyS: nothing new
15:06:33 <cbuilara> kasei: any though about the syntax of prefix on pp
15:07:08 <kasei> ACTION: Andy to forward Dave Robillard's comment concerns on prefixname syntax to RDF WG
15:07:09 <trackbot> Created ACTION-591 - Forward Dave Robillard's comment concerns on prefixname syntax to RDF WG [on Andy Seaborne - due 2012-02-28].
15:07:21 <kasei> topic: Status of CSV/TSV publication
15:07:24 <chimezie> chimezie has joined #sparql
15:07:29 <Zakim> +chimezie
15:07:44 <cbuilara> AndyS: no new update, waiting for comments
15:08:08 <cbuilara> AndyS: difficulty in having time to work on that document
15:08:31 <cbuilara> kasei: issues were examples
15:08:47 <kasei> topic: Status of GSP  publication
15:08:48 <cbuilara> kasei: graph store protocol
15:08:56 <AndyS> AndyS: CSV -- To do - Jeen's comment + put in examples 
15:09:26 <kasei> Zakim, who is talking?
15:09:31 <cbuilara> chimezie: difficulty in having time for finishing comments, things to do: responce comments, review from Birte
15:09:36 <Zakim> kasei, listening for 10 seconds I could not identify any sounds
15:10:05 <cbuilara> chimezie: Sandro's comment is an outstanding issue
15:10:55 <cbuilara> chimezie: I incorporated comments from formal reviews. and I need to add more comments, I did not get chance to work on that this week, but I will have time next
15:11:40 <cbuilara> chimezie: estimated time for finishing document is next week
15:12:16 <kasei> ACTION: chimezie to incorporate outstanding review and text from sandro into GSP
15:12:17 <trackbot> Created ACTION-592 - Incorporate outstanding review and text from sandro into GSP [on Chimezie Ogbuji - due 2012-02-28].
15:12:32 <kasei> topic: Tests/Implementations
15:12:54 <cbuilara> kasei: entailment tests
15:13:16 <AndyS> I hope to submit test results (not all of it obviously!)
15:13:18 <cbuilara> kasei: anyone will implement the entire entailment test suite?
15:13:54 <cbuilara> bglimm: Michael Schneidersaid that will implement all entailment regimes, and I will implement OWL entailment regimes
15:14:07 <cbuilara> bglimm: I don't know when he will implement them
15:14:54 <cbuilara> bglimm: not sure about d-entailment regime, not sure to implement it
15:15:07 <kasei>
15:15:52 <cbuilara> kasei: we will have multiple implementations of parts of the entailment regimes
15:16:16 <kasei>
15:16:45 <cbuilara> kasei: I implemented a small service for conformance of service descriptions
15:17:03 <cbuilara> kasei: I recommend its use for testing them
15:17:18 <chimezie> Zakim, mute me
15:17:18 <Zakim> chimezie should now be muted
15:17:40 <kasei> PROPOSED: Use for testing service description conformance.
15:18:14 <cbuilara> kasei: I'm also working in getting this with a w3c URL
15:18:22 <AndyS> Looks OK
15:18:26 <cbuilara> kasei: any support or issues?
15:18:30 <bglimm> yes, seems like a good idea
15:18:39 <cbuilara> yes, it looks good
15:18:42 <chimezie> i agree
15:20:28 <cbuilara> kasei: I think this is the way forward and I try to push it (the sdvalidator)
15:20:33 <cbuilara> AndyS: I agree
15:21:09 <kasei> Any updates to ?
15:21:51 <cbuilara> kasei: no updates
15:21:53 <kasei> topic: COMMENTS review
15:22:42 <cbuilara> kasei: another comment about property paths
15:23:14 <cbuilara> kasei: ownership for this comment?
15:23:41 <cbuilara> kasei: should we group all these comments in a single one?
15:23:47 <cbuilara> s/in/into
15:23:59 <cbuilara> kasei: I will submit this question to the list
15:24:19 <cbuilara> AndyS: I can take ownership of this comment
15:26:29 <cbuilara> kasei: mainly PP in the last comments
15:28:00 <kasei> topic: ACTION review
15:28:11 <cbuilara> kasei: try to move with open comments
15:28:47 <kasei> close ACTION-551
15:28:47 <trackbot> ACTION-551 to review service description for 2nd LC closed
15:29:03 <kasei> close ACTION-557
15:29:03 <trackbot> ACTION-557 Addresss comment AM-1 closed
15:29:20 <kasei> close ACTION-572
15:29:20 <trackbot> Sorry... closing ACTION-572 failed, please let sysreq know about it
15:29:36 <kasei> close ACTION-580
15:29:36 <trackbot> ACTION-580 Re-run the implementation report and check in an updated one closed
15:29:53 <kasei> close ACTION-588
15:29:53 <trackbot> ACTION-588 Draft a reply to MO-1 with better wording to the list closed
15:30:10 <kasei> ACTION-584
15:30:26 <kasei> close ACTION-584
15:30:26 <trackbot> ACTION-584 Review GSP upon completion of ACTION-582 closed
15:30:39 <chimezie> Zakim, unmute me
15:30:39 <Zakim> chimezie should no longer be muted
15:32:44 <kasei> close ACTION-564
15:32:44 <trackbot> ACTION-564 Review the graph store protocol document closed
15:34:15 <kasei> adjourned