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Video on the Web

Philippe Le Hégaret

W3C Interaction Domain Leader,
Video in the Web Activity Lead

HTML 5.0 <video>

A classic video player, developed using SVG.

The SVG controls interface reacts to HTML 5 media events (time, volume, play, pause, load progress, etc.).

… but video codec: Youtube vs Dailymotion.

00:00 00:00

Timed Text: History

Timed Text: Online Captioning

Chairs: Sean Hayes (Microsoft), David Kirby (BBC)

      <p begin="0s" end="10s">
          This word must be
            <span tts:color='red'>red</span>
          <br />and this one
            <span tts:color='green'>green</span>.
NCAM demo

Timed Text: Online Captioning

Timed Text: Online Captioning

<tt xml:lang="en"
      <ttm:title>Styling Test - overflow - 003</ttm:title>
      <region xml:id="r1">
	<style tts:origin="0px 0px"/>
	<style tts:extent="150px 30px"/>
	<style tts:backgroundColor="black"/>
	<style tts:color="white"/>
	<style tts:overflow="visible"/>
      <region xml:id="r2">
	<style tts:origin="0px 0px"/>
	<style tts:extent="100px 100px"/>
	<style tts:backgroundColor="white"/>
	<style tts:color="black"/>
	<style tts:overflow="visible"/>
    <div region="r1">
      <p begin="0s" end="10s">Text is visible.</p>
    <div region="r2">
      <p begin="10s" end="20s">Text is visible.</p>

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Timed Text: Recent Progress

For more information, visit the Working Group page

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