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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 19 August 2009
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Chair: Raphael
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Regrets: Jack, Michael, Davy, Erik
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12:05:21 [Zakim]
12:07:42 [Yves]
like updating the fragment in the URI bar when you seek manually in the video?
12:08:54 [raphael]
Raphael: just Yves, Thierry, Silvia and Raphael present on the call
12:08:59 [raphael]
... no quorum :-(
12:09:10 [raphael]
Silvia: discussion my today's blog post
12:09:20 [raphael]
12:09:26 [raphael]
scribe: raphael
12:09:46 [raphael]
Present: Yves, Thierry, Silvia, Raphael
12:10:13 [raphael]
Silvia ... i'm considering making a small demo
12:10:42 [raphael]
... not implementing the protocol stuff the group is doing, but rather emulating the visual effect on client / UA side
12:10:50 [raphael]
... basically, the YouTube use case
12:11:09 [raphael]
Yves: +1, we want to demonstrate how to bookmark a fragment of a video
12:11:43 [raphael]
Silvia: my implementation will be based on javascript + perhaps the video element of HTML5
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12:14:21 [Yves]
about query:
12:14:24 [Yves]
might be useful
12:15:31 [nessy]
12:15:35 [raphael]
Silvia: I suggest we seriously discuss the use of query vs fragment
12:17:05 [Yves]
or link to a manifest file somewhere
12:17:30 [Yves]
or to a URI template (if applicable)
12:18:12 [raphael]
Silvia: in case of query, how the new resource can be linked to the original resource?
12:18:44 [raphael]
Raphael: perhaps using the link header
12:19:21 [raphael]
Silvia: and the problem of the UA getting the full duration of the parent resource in case of the fragment, see ISSUE-11
12:19:46 [raphael]
... do we need to define an extra header ?
12:21:20 [raphael]
Yves, it is always in the case of a range request
12:21:26 [raphael]
Yves: so no problem
12:22:03 [raphael]
Yves: for example, the server will serve, this is the bytes for the range 10s - 20s / the full duration of the resource
12:22:07 [nessy]
12:23:03 [raphael]
Yves: correct, this is incomplete, I will correct this wiki page
12:24:03 [raphael]
Raphael: I will take proper action for closing the ISSUE-11 if the problem is addressed
12:24:59 [Zakim]
12:25:43 [raphael]
Great, that closes the ISSUE-11, at least for the fragment
12:25:50 [raphael]
I will email the group about that
12:25:53 [Zakim]
12:28:41 [raphael]
Silvia: what we need to fix asap is: the scheme syntax of media fragment, and the protocol aspect (communication UA / server)
12:36:51 [raphael]
Yves: the ACTION-49 will be done by the beginning of September
12:37:03 [raphael]
Raphael: yes, that will make the work more concrete
12:37:26 [Yves]
12:37:53 [raphael]
Raphael: since our examples will contain the full HTTP request and HTTP response
12:38:02 [raphael]
Silvia: I will write my use case by the next telecon
12:38:28 [raphael]
... and I will write a paragraph on the use of fragment vs query ... among the lines of my blog post
12:38:31 [raphael]
Raphael: +1
12:40:29 [raphael]
I want also we discuss the relationships between the spatial dimension of Media Fragments and Image Sprites, see
12:40:38 [raphael]
Silvia: perhaps finish the time dimension first
12:40:42 [raphael]
... but address that later
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12:41:48 [raphael]
I will create a new issue regarding this point
12:44:42 [raphael]
Silvia: TPAC, worth to meet ?
12:44:59 [raphael]
Raphael: perhaps a accessible media workshop colocated
12:45:16 [raphael]
Silvia: if workshop, mozilla will fund me and I will be there
12:45:28 [raphael]
Raphael: in this case, I will make it too and Yves will be there
12:45:45 [raphael]
... might worth to have then a meeting, perhaps using Media Annotations arrangement
12:46:23 [raphael]
12:46:23 [trackbot]
ACTION-96 -- Yves Lafon to make change to temporal-optional-comma specification -- due 2009-08-19 -- OPEN
12:46:23 [trackbot]
12:46:33 [nessy]
* ACTION-96: Yves to make change to temporal-optional-comma specification
12:46:51 [raphael]
close ACTION-96
12:46:51 [trackbot]
ACTION-96 Make change to temporal-optional-comma specification closed
12:47:03 [raphael]
Question: do we need also editUnits, ?
12:49:05 [raphael]
Silvia: my problem with editUnit, is that this is container specific
12:49:33 [raphael]
... even worse, this is encoding specific
12:52:49 [raphael]
... I can write a reply about that
12:52:58 [raphael]
... editing the WD directly in the cvs ?
12:54:26 [raphael]
Silvia: capture the discussion within the wiki but update the main document that contains the spec in the cvs
12:55:30 [raphael]
ACTION: Silvia to update the wiki + cvs document for adding the "clock" scheme for specifying time and for discussing editUnit (ACTION-84)
12:55:30 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-97 - Update the wiki + cvs document for adding the "clock" scheme for specifying time and for discussing editUnit (ACTION-84) [on Silvia Pfeiffer - due 2009-08-26].
12:56:11 [raphael]
12:56:11 [trackbot]
ACTION-89 -- Yves Lafon to find out more about fragment identifier registration -- due 2009-07-22 -- OPEN
12:56:11 [trackbot]
12:56:51 [raphael]
we need to write a small IETF draft for IANA consideration
12:57:03 [raphael]
we need to make a plan for that
12:57:23 [raphael]
Yves: first, get a good story from our document, and then the IETF document will just link to our document
12:57:38 [raphael]
close ACTION-89
12:57:38 [trackbot]
ACTION-89 Find out more about fragment identifier registration closed
12:58:24 [raphael]
I will open a new ISSUE to remind us that we need to write a IETF draft for proposing how to register the fragment scheme for all media types
12:59:35 [raphael]
Yves: this IETF draft should contain a how-to register the fragment spec for media fragments
13:00:03 [raphael]
... and we should ask for a template of what does it mean when we come accross a media fragment
13:00:13 [raphael]
Silvia: this is a different issue ... something to consider
13:00:28 [raphael]
Raphael: I will make another issue
13:01:00 [raphael]
... for the media type registration template
13:01:12 [raphael]
... needs to be discussed then within IETF
13:02:49 [raphael]
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Attendees were raphael, Yves, silvia, thierry
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13:04:00 [nessy]
thanks everybody!
13:04:03 [raphael]
13:04:20 [raphael]
meeting adjourned
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13:04:36 [raphael]
you've seen I have been kicked of the WG?
13:06:31 [raphael]
Yves, tu peux enlever le DRAFT des minutes ?
13:07:41 [nessy]
kicked off the WG? I just confirmed my expert status and was fine )
13:13:52 [raphael]
I have been kicked of :-)
13:13:54 [raphael]
but it is normal
13:14:01 [raphael]
I'm no longer employed by CWI
13:14:15 [raphael]
and my new employer is not a member ... so I will become a IE like you :-)
13:14:23 [raphael]
time I convince my employer to join W3C
13:14:38 [nessy]
13:14:44 [nessy]
who are you working for now?
13:14:59 [nessy]
large enough to be able to afford the W3C membershp?
13:17:10 [raphael]
13:17:22 [raphael]
it is academic, so the fees are not that high
13:18:02 [Yves]
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ACTION: Silvia to update the wiki + cvs document for adding the "clock" scheme for specifying time and for discussing editUnit (ACTION-84) [1]
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