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i dont hear anything
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low voter turnout
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too bad zakim isnt a little more robust
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13:05:20 [rreck]
hey phil did you send out last week's log?
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13:05:32 [PhilA2]
I believe so, checking
13:05:34 [rreck]
minutes rather
13:05:44 [hhalpin]
trackbot, start meeting
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RRSAgent, make logs world
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Zakim, this will be 7994
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ok, trackbot; I see INC_SWXG()9:00AM scheduled to start 5 minutes ago
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Meeting: Social Web Incubator Group Teleconference
13:05:50 [trackbot]
Date: 29 July 2009
13:06:20 [rreck]
it was a plan to abandon my horrible scribing
13:06:35 [PhilA2]
E-mail about last week's minutes is at
13:06:55 [PhilA2]
Actual minutes are at
13:07:28 [PhilA2]
which reminds me - just checking that RRS Agent and Zakim are both here...
13:08:07 [hhalpin]
Convene SWXG WG meeting of 2009-07-29T13:00-15:00Z
13:08:12 [hhalpin]
13:08:16 [rreck]
i didnt see many regrets
13:08:16 [PhilA2]
zakim, who is here?
13:08:16 [Zakim]
I notice INC_SWXG()9:00AM has restarted
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On the phone I see ??P1, mattroweshow, AlexPassant, rreck, PhilA?, FabGandon, ??P11
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On IRC I see hhalpin, PhilA2, rreck, RRSAgent, Zakim, mattroweshow, melvster, FabGandon, karl, Cloud, AlexPassant, trackbot, matt
13:08:27 [hhalpin]
Zakim, pick a scribe
13:08:27 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose PhilA?
13:08:32 [hhalpin]
Zakim, pick a scribe
13:08:32 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose mattroweshow
13:08:40 [hhalpin]
13:08:43 [mattroweshow]
yeh i will do it
13:08:53 [hhalpin]
OK, #
13:08:53 [hhalpin]
# PROPOSED: to approve SWXG WG Weekly -- 22 July 2009 as a true record
13:09:02 [hhalpin]
13:09:12 [PhilA2]
zakim, PhilA? is me
13:09:12 [Zakim]
+PhilA2; got it
13:09:23 [rreck]
true record +1
13:09:27 [PhilA2]
13:09:28 [hhalpin]
RESOLVED: approved SWXG WG Weekly -- 22 July 2009 as a true record
13:09:31 [melvster]
13:09:39 [mattroweshow]
13:09:49 [hhalpin]
PROPOSED: to meet again Wed. Aug 5th (Nathan Eagle) or take summer vacation and try to book Nathan for later (Note that both DanBri and DKA are on vacation)? If so, for how long?
13:09:49 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: invited speaker for next week?
13:09:51 [rreck]
yeah, im out next week
13:10:04 [rreck]
i vote skip a week
13:10:09 [mattroweshow]
rreck +1
13:10:47 [hhalpin]
It's more european than american
13:11:02 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: skip next week?
13:11:10 [melvster]
istr dan said he was skipping 3 weeks in total
13:11:32 [PhilA2]
chair: Harry
13:11:35 [hhalpin]
till August 19th?
13:11:46 [mattroweshow]
13:11:48 [rreck]
13:11:50 [hhalpin]
Any objections?
13:12:11 [PhilA2]
13:12:16 [hhalpin]
The only issue here is that we kinda technical august 5th?
13:12:29 [PhilA2]
Meeting: SWXG Weekly Telecon
13:12:35 [hhalpin]
RESOLVED: Vacation till August 19th, assuming Nathan Eagle can be rebooked till then.
13:12:36 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: provisional vacation will 19th august
13:12:50 [rreck]
zakim, mute me
13:12:50 [Zakim]
rreck should now be muted
13:12:53 [hhalpin]
2. General Organization and Task Forces
13:13:15 [rreck]
i thought metrics was a great discussion
13:13:36 [rreck]
clean up actions +1
13:13:37 [hhalpin]
Which order to do agenda?
13:13:48 [hhalpin]
Note, we need someone to summarize last telecon (Gypsii and cperey on metrics) for final report.
13:13:57 [rreck]
zakim, unmute me
13:13:57 [Zakim]
rreck should no longer be muted
13:13:59 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: can someone summarise the gypssii session?
13:14:14 [rreck]
i dont think im prepared
13:14:21 [mattroweshow]
rreck: had discussions about SNS but now summarise Gypsii
13:14:42 [rreck]
basically its a challenge to do so
13:14:43 [hhalpin]
ACTION: hhalpin to summarize metrics and gypsii talk
13:14:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-61 - Summarize metrics and gypsii talk [on Harry Halpin - due 2009-08-05].
13:14:52 [Zakim]
+ +1.617.800.aaff
13:14:52 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: to summarise gypsii
13:14:55 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: Mischa to write up Soren and Jonathan's findings from last telecon for final report.
13:15:01 [hhalpin]
13:15:01 [hhalpin]
# [CONTINUES] ACTION: DKA to summarize OSLO and geoLocation conversation in order to spread knowledge of these efforts among W3C members.
13:15:11 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri circulate wookie proposal to the xg
13:15:11 [karl]
zakim, +1.617.800.aaff is karl
13:15:11 [Zakim]
+karl; got it
13:15:21 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION:Mischa to describe/implement a report of terms and conditions, and how they change between now and the end of the XG.
13:15:30 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: hhalpin to have would refer to the new version, there will be a 'previous version' link to the current one
13:15:41 [hhalpin]
Dealing with member-only bits on homepage...
13:15:54 [hhalpin]
that there's lots of "member-only" sections which Kaliya felt might alienate people
13:16:39 [melvster]
membership list is public and private
13:16:46 [melvster]
there's a public version
13:16:54 [hhalpin]
oh where's the public version?
13:16:55 [melvster]
and a private version with email etc.
13:16:59 [rreck]
we can move the participants aspects to be less salient on the web
13:17:03 [melvster]
one sec
13:17:07 [MacTed]
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13:17:29 [melvster]
it's linked from the private version ...
13:17:31 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: clean up the web page
13:17:33 [hhalpin]
ACTION: take action to clean up the web-page and make it less intimidating to those who aren't members
13:17:33 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - take
13:17:37 [rreck]
i think pointing out how the public can benefits from our activities on the web might be more "inviting"
13:17:41 [hhalpin]
ACTION: hhalpin take action to clean up the web-page and make it less intimidating to those who aren't members
13:17:41 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-62 - Take action to clean up the web-page and make it less intimidating to those who aren't members [on Harry Halpin - due 2009-08-05].
13:17:44 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: make it less intimidating
13:17:52 [rreck]
we have new theme music
13:17:54 [Zakim]
+ +1.781.273.aagg
13:18:06 [hhalpin]
3. User Stories
13:18:18 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: go through user stories
13:18:19 [rreck]
i actually have a new one i can document
13:18:19 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: adam to write up the boeing use case for enterprise social networks
13:18:22 [melvster]
13:18:28 [rreck]
actually 2 !
13:18:32 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION:hhalpin to write up the social network data exchange story
13:18:39 [hhalpin]
Can you explain them rreck?
13:18:40 [MacTed]
zakim, aagg is OpenLink_Software
13:18:40 [Zakim]
+OpenLink_Software; got it
13:18:40 [MacTed]
Zakim, OpenLink_Software is temporarily MacTed
13:18:40 [MacTed]
zakim, mute me
13:18:41 [Zakim]
+MacTed; got it
13:18:41 [Zakim]
MacTed should now be muted
13:18:57 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: tpa to look for similar use cases list to expand ours
13:19:10 [mattroweshow]
rreck: friend published photos on facebook
13:19:14 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: tinkster to add user story along lines of... if you enable import of contacts from other sites, then it lowers the barrier to entry for new people signing up at your site, hence get more users, hence get more advertising revenue.
13:19:23 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri to write up orkut/i18n/"looking for" issue
13:19:32 [mattroweshow]
rreck: spoke to friend to alter photo settings, and didn't agree with how the pics were used
13:20:22 [mattroweshow]
rreck: supporting SNS, problem faced is more paid propaganda. Matrix to determine the messages, whether the messages are propaganda or not
13:20:32 [melvster]
50 Cent Army
13:20:34 [hhalpin]
Do you want to take an action to do those?
13:20:49 [mattroweshow]
rreck: chinese govn' pays party personal to put up info
13:21:13 [mattroweshow]
rreck: discrete disagreement by integrating into discussions
13:21:20 [karl]
I wonder how chinese gov actions in social networks is any different than marketing companies, brand management or obama campaign?
13:21:25 [PhilA2]
interesting (and scary)
13:21:27 [MacTed]
s/shill for government/shill/ -- "tweet for pay" is a similar new thing; "payola" among radio DJs is a longer term similar issue...
13:21:38 [mattroweshow]
rreck: provide a platform without cencorship
13:21:55 [mattroweshow]
they sound really good
13:22:42 [PhilA2]
action: rreck to write up use case based on Chinese situation
13:22:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-63 - Write up use case based on Chinese situation [on Ronald Reck - due 2009-08-05].
13:22:57 [hhalpin]
13:23:15 [PhilA2]
13:23:15 [MacTed]
"shill case" :-)
13:23:21 [mib_6z0p91ux]
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13:23:34 [mattroweshow]
sorry closed window by accident
13:23:50 [PhilA2]
action: rreck to write up use case based on shill case
13:23:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-64 - Write up use case based on shill case [on Ronald Reck - due 2009-08-05].
13:23:55 [karl]
karl has joined #swxg
13:23:57 [PhilA2]
close ACTION-63
13:23:57 [trackbot]
ACTION-63 Write up use case based on Chinese situation closed
13:24:09 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: clean up use case docs
13:24:13 [PhilA2]
13:24:34 [hhalpin]
13:24:36 [hhalpin]
I can hear you.
13:24:36 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: categorise use cases and user stories to make them more legible
13:25:00 [mattroweshow]
fabgondon speaking?
13:25:08 [AlexPassant]
mattroweshow: yes
13:25:19 [rreck]
i think maybe just adding attributes to the use cases
13:25:32 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: very distributing use cases covering different topics
13:26:15 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: categorised by business and other topics, some of the scenarios are not covered by certain fields
13:26:34 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: group use cases abstractly?
13:26:56 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: good initial step, some are very technical compared to others
13:27:06 [hhalpin]
Maybe separate the more technical ones from the less technical ones?
13:27:20 [rreck]
im wondering about usecases about situations that ARE being dealt with in current implementations
13:27:32 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: some scenarios are just functionalities
13:27:55 [rreck]
i think its important to have authors per usecase so there is someone to talk to about one
13:28:15 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: separate use cases which are functionalities from others. use cases have different levels of abstraction. address business developers and users
13:28:27 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: separate use cases into 3/4 buckets
13:28:45 [hhalpin]
someone to talk to?
13:28:53 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: need someone to talk to about a use case
13:29:02 [rreck]
i think the use cases should have unique identifiers so that we can refer to them from other contexts
13:29:08 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: point of call needed for each use case, in order to get the details
13:29:09 [AlexPassant]
what about 'champions' for each use-case (as done in the SPARQL WG for new SPARQL features)
13:29:20 [mattroweshow]
what is champions?
13:29:23 [mattroweshow]
13:29:41 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: need author information next to the use case
13:29:45 [rreck]
maybe we can ask author to add themselves to the use case
13:29:49 [rreck]
or champions
13:29:52 [rreck]
+1 champions
13:30:12 [melvster]
13:30:15 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: get use case doc by fall
13:30:18 [FabGandon]
+1 for champion / contact per use case
13:30:20 [mattroweshow]
13:30:23 [rreck]
agreed we need a milestone for usecase "completion"
13:31:01 [rreck]
i think recommendations in the report should/could be tied to usecases
13:31:08 [hhalpin]
PROPOSAL: Each use-case gets a champion whose job is to determine the audience and the functionality, as well as fill out the existing template, and then is needs be rephrase the use-case on the right level of abstraction. Use-cases without champions will be dropped.
13:31:22 [mattroweshow]
13:31:24 [rreck]
13:31:25 [melvster]
13:31:26 [AlexPassant]
13:31:27 [MacTed]
13:31:49 [mattroweshow]
philA: functionality or requirements?
13:32:01 [rreck]
functionality is possibly to technical?
13:32:07 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: not designing a tech'
13:32:10 [hhalpin]
funtionality is too technical?
13:32:15 [MacTed]
Zakim, unmute me
13:32:15 [Zakim]
MacTed should no longer be muted
13:32:25 [mattroweshow]
PhilA1: in use case doc normally have use cases and requirements
13:32:25 [rreck]
at a high level people know what they want, not how it can be accomplished
13:32:44 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: divide scenario into 2 types: before and after
13:33:27 [MacTed]
Zakim, mute me
13:33:27 [Zakim]
MacTed should now be muted
13:33:29 [rreck]
i think as a group we should focus more on what is to be accomplished
13:33:32 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: how was the scenario before? what was the requirements?
13:33:52 [rreck]
13:33:52 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: what are the initial requirements? what functionalities could achieve this?
13:34:13 [rreck]
i think the heavily technical aspects alienate less technical participants
13:34:20 [MacTed]
Zakim, unmute me
13:34:20 [Zakim]
MacTed should no longer be muted
13:34:22 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: don't specify the tech, but describe what would happen
13:34:29 [hhalpin]
Sounds like a huge amount of work..
13:34:33 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: second doc states the tech
13:34:46 [rreck]
zakim, mute me
13:34:46 [Zakim]
rreck should now be muted
13:35:08 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: moving tech bits to another doc
13:35:39 [rreck]
especially since technology changes while needs might be more persistent
13:35:57 [rreck]
yes i think it would benefit from a clean up
13:35:57 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: huge amount of work to produce 3 output docs
13:36:13 [hhalpin]
the document is quite long right now...
13:36:14 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: clean use case doc needed
13:36:19 [hhalpin]
and a bit chaotic
13:36:38 [rreck]
im overwelmed by looking at the document also
13:36:59 [mattroweshow]
MacTed: need a clear template of what the use cases should look like
13:37:17 [rreck]
current state as a word bothers me because sometimes the current facebook does something i want them to continue to do
13:37:43 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: need to refactor the template, and ask for use case champions and rework the use case into the template for the right level of abstraction. Reduce the use cases to a smaller number
13:38:00 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: the doc isnt too big, the use cases are
13:38:10 [mattroweshow]
fabgandon: always look at use cases that are relevant
13:38:16 [rreck]
i would prefer not cutting down the number of usecases
13:38:33 [rreck]
+1 keep usecase without duplicates
13:38:49 [mattroweshow]
PhilA2: look for duplication of use cases and then merge where appropriate
13:39:20 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: need to create a new template for the use cases
13:39:30 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: anyone want to put the template out?
13:39:35 [rreck]
i can contribute to it
13:39:41 [rreck]
but i dont think i can do the whole thing
13:39:46 [rreck]
plus im out next week
13:39:53 [MacTed]
Zakim, mute me
13:39:53 [Zakim]
MacTed should now be muted
13:40:02 [rreck]
zakim, unmute me
13:40:02 [Zakim]
rreck should no longer be muted
13:40:09 [hhalpin]
Would that work?
13:40:22 [rreck]
yes i will make recommendations about how it can be modied
13:40:25 [hhalpin]
ACTION: rreck to send some thoughts on new template to be sent out to listserv
13:40:26 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-65 - Send some thoughts on new template to be sent out to listserv [on Ronald Reck - due 2009-08-05].
13:40:27 [rreck]
modified rather
13:40:43 [melvster]
question: what if more than one person wants to champion a use case?
13:40:46 [rreck]
i think that is imperative
13:40:50 [mattroweshow]
champions is a good idea
13:41:00 [PhilA2]
the champion per UC sounds like the way forward to me
13:41:10 [PhilA2]
There's a lot of work that needs splitting up
13:41:20 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: use cases to have champions, any objections?
13:41:52 [hhalpin]
RESOLVED: Each use-case gets a champion whose job is to fit the use-case to the template, as well as fill out the existing template, and then is needs be rephrase the use-case on the right level of abstraction. Use-cases without champions will be dropped.
13:42:06 [PhilA2]
13:42:07 [mattroweshow]
13:42:07 [melvster]
13:42:09 [FabGandon]
13:42:11 [MacTed]
13:42:24 [hhalpin]
4. Invited Guest Invitations
13:42:24 [rreck]
i think XG participants should attend or give regrets
13:42:31 [hhalpin]
Any suggestions?
13:42:32 [rreck]
invited speakers are good
13:42:35 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: have the invited speakers been useful?
13:42:36 [hhalpin]
Should we keep doing this?
13:42:48 [rreck]
+1 continue speakers
13:42:51 [mattroweshow]
PhilA2: good for the group, opens up discussions
13:43:06 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: tradeoff between speakers and how to move forward
13:43:06 [MacTed]
+1 continue
13:43:52 [rreck]
i think focus on deliverables is important
13:43:55 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: last 3/4 meetings were invited speakers, should we have less speakers and more deliverables?
13:44:16 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: may not get work done due to speakers
13:44:31 [mattroweshow]
PhilA2: too time consuming for speakers
13:44:34 [hhalpin]
maybe try to restrict invited speakers to 15-20 minutes, 10 minutes questions
13:45:20 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: what speakers to people want to see first of the ones lined up?
13:45:40 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: can fit in only so many speakers
13:45:57 [rreck]
maybe the speakers can be in a different time slot than the meeting?
13:46:25 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: send out invitations to get people lined up for september
13:46:46 [mattroweshow]
PhilA2: 2 slots in sept are already taken
13:47:02 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: won't get to the speakers until nov/dec
13:47:04 [rreck]
add time slots
13:47:09 [melvster]
Perhaps someone from Google, eg brad fitzpatrick
13:47:15 [hhalpin]
13:47:17 [hhalpin]
we can hear you
13:47:31 [rreck]
13:47:33 [PhilA2]
Schedule already has two speakers lined for September (see
13:47:45 [hhalpin]
OK, let's aim for XMPP and DataPortability in October then
13:47:48 [PhilA2]
(it would be hard to univite someone ;-) )
13:47:50 [mattroweshow]
mattrowshow: data portability/xmpp speaker
13:48:20 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: what is good about the group? what needs to be improved?
13:48:23 [rreck]
i think there should be accountability for participation in the group
13:48:38 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: abstract the requirements to an empirically gathered matrix
13:48:52 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: gauge what needs to be done within this field
13:49:19 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri to find someone from Opera to talk Widgets
13:49:29 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri and karl to contact Evan of over OpenMicroblogging and W3C.
13:50:36 [rreck]
+1 commitment
13:50:38 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: require editors for documents
13:50:52 [melvster]
I'd be happy to help to try and prepare a document for a matrix of use case / functionalities vs social nets
13:50:58 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: what documents do people feel that they could input/commit to?
13:51:08 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION:Renato and DanBri and hhalpin to schedule
13:51:09 [rreck]
+1 melvster
13:51:10 [PhilA2]
as ever the mind is willing, it's the time...
13:51:18 [hhalpin]
[DONE] ACTION: PhilA to book Dave Raggett to talk about Context WG
13:51:22 [mattroweshow]
i will be willing to help on the matrix document too
13:51:35 [hhalpin]
5. Future Direction of Group Discussion
13:52:15 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: need to get requirements out of use case doc and then apply it to the matrix
13:52:34 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: this use case requires X, this use case requires Y
13:52:42 [rreck]
harry you just said the answer to your own question
13:52:46 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: columns = network, rows = tech
13:52:52 [rreck]
13:52:55 [hhalpin]
does that make sense as a way forward?
13:52:57 [mattroweshow]
13:52:57 [melvster]
+1 columns for soc nets, rows for use cases or functionalities
13:52:59 [rreck]
you just earned an action item
13:53:01 [hhalpin]
13:53:14 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: rows = functionalities
13:54:44 [hhalpin]
It's OK if the matrix is sparsely populated...
13:54:50 [hhalpin]
it shows how much work is to be done :)
13:55:07 [rreck]
good, it means as a group we are ahead of the curve
13:56:02 [mattroweshow]
13:56:03 [melvster]
13:56:05 [rreck]
13:56:10 [FabGandon]
13:56:15 [MacTed]
13:56:26 [rreck]
13:56:31 [FabGandon]
13:56:39 [melvster]
yes ill take an action
13:56:51 [hhalpin]
ACTION: melvster to draft columns=network rows=tech matrix for tech report
13:56:51 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - melvster
13:57:35 [hhalpin]
Meeting Adjourned
13:57:35 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: any other topics to discuss?
13:57:40 [rreck]
13:57:45 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: meeting adjourned
13:57:50 [Zakim]
13:57:57 [PhilA2]
see everyone after the break
13:58:03 [Zakim]
13:58:07 [Zakim]
13:58:18 [PhilA2]
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13:58:29 [Zakim]
13:58:31 [hhalpin]
Thanks everyone!
13:58:44 [mattroweshow]
hhalpin: have draft of use case doc done by 19th august
13:58:44 [hhalpin]
RRSAgent, generate minutes
13:58:44 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate hhalpin
13:58:47 [Zakim]
13:58:53 [hhalpin]
RRSAgent, make logs public
13:58:56 [Zakim]
13:59:20 [mattroweshow]
13:59:26 [Zakim]
14:00:18 [Zakim]
14:01:02 [Zakim]
14:01:03 [Zakim]
INC_SWXG()9:00AM has ended
14:01:04 [Zakim]
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