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08:06:11 [tobias]
We moved forward Wonsuk's demo presentation in the agenda.
08:06:56 [tobias]
Wonsuks presents his demo of a reference implementation of the group's work
08:07:44 [tobias]
Scope of the implementation: target formats are EXIF, MediaRSS, TV-Anytime
08:08:45 [tobias]
Ontology is implemented in OWL (based on the recent version of the mapping table from may,19th)
08:10:00 [tobias]
API is implemented using Jena, sanselan (EXIF libary) and Xalan
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08:12:07 [jsderber]
chair: Joakim
08:13:45 [tobias]
scribe: tobias
08:14:24 [tobias]
One problem Wonsuk encountered: ma-elements might map to multiple locations in the standards
08:15:37 [tobias]
Example: keyword element in TV Anytime
08:15:59 [tobias]
Werner: we are on the level of fragments; some keywords apply to the whole resource, some to fragments
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08:16:46 [tobias]
Wonsuk: Should we prioritize some elements which are returned?
08:17:41 [tobias]
Jean-Pierre: For TV-Anytime some descriptions (if present) must replace others.
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08:19:07 [tobias]
Jean-Pierre: If you use DC you have to pay the price of simplicity; many elements have to be mapped, for instance, to dc:description
08:19:47 [joakim]
agenda: F2F 4 Stockholm
08:20:39 [tobias]
Werner: We are still missing a definition of data types for the properties
08:29:22 [tobias]
Werner: Why is ordering of properties important?
08:34:01 [joakim]
Present: David, Jean-Pierre, Tobias, Chris, Werner, Florian, Simon, Jonas, Anna, Victor, Azadeh, Thierry, Xonsuk, Joakim
08:34:58 [tobias]
Chris: How can you take care that you can elements which were joined can be (dis-)joined again.
08:35:52 [tobias]
Jean-Pierre: There are many problems with having a minimal set of properties, the mapping of more specific to more general properties is one of them.
08:41:13 [tobias]
Wonsuk presents his OWL ontology which models the mappings
08:42:19 [tobias]
Jean-Pierre: Why can't we use SKOS here? SKOS predefines some of the properties that Wonsuk defines in his ontology.
08:49:31 [tobias]
Wonsuk presents his implementaiton of the API (GET)
08:52:46 [tobias]
Wonsuk presents his implementaiton of the API (SET)
08:53:47 [tobias]
Werner: Do you already evaluate if the property is more general / more specific?
08:54:03 [tobias]
Wonsuk: not complete yet; because based on XPath
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08:57:50 [tmichel]
zakim, space for 6 for 600 minutes?
08:57:51 [Zakim]
ok, tmichel; conference Team_(mediaann)08:57Z scheduled with code 26631 (CONF1) for 600 minutes until 1857Z
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09:05:23 [tobias]
Florian: How can you deal with changes in the standards on which the mappings are basedß
09:05:47 [tobias]
Florian: can you support two versions of one standard in parallel?
09:06:37 [tobias]
Now: Coffee Break
09:23:45 [Zakim]
Team_(mediaann)08:57Z has now started
09:23:51 [Zakim]
09:29:39 [Zakim]
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Attendees were pchampin
09:46:37 [tobias]
We are back from the coffee break.
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09:50:11 [tobias]
Wonsuk presents open issues with respect to his implementation. These include adding types to the table, create a testdata set, exchange underlying libraries, defiine the scope of the SCOPE API
09:50:32 [tobias]
Tobias: library to parse EXIF files:
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09:52:00 [tobias]
Wonsuk: Presents API proposal
09:52:13 [tobias]
Joakim: Jonas implemented an API for a metadata format recently.
09:52:59 [tobias]
Jonas: they specified a function for each property; so: a getter for each property
09:53:53 [tobias]
Wonsuk: API option 1: one getter method for each property; option 2: handle each property via input parameter
09:54:37 [tobias]
Wonsuk: Open issue: what kind of action could the API do with semantic mapping like exact, related, etc?
09:55:27 [tobias]
Joakim: proposals occur more with the setters
09:55:55 [tobias]
David: For the getter you could return one property which has a more narrower meaning.
10:00:39 [tobias]
Intermediate Topic: How to handle the mapping table in the feature
10:00:55 [tobias]
Thierry: Excel table does not produce valid HTML output.
10:01:27 [tobias]
Thierry proposes to use the Wiki which can be transformed using XSL into a mapping table.
10:03:43 [tobias]
ACTION for Thierry: copy the format sheets into the Wiki.
10:03:43 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - for
10:03:58 [tobias]
ACTION for tmichel: Copy the format sheets into the Wiki.
10:03:58 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - for
10:04:44 [tobias]
ACTION: tmichel to copy the format sheets into the wiki
10:04:45 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-129 - Copy the format sheets into the wiki [on Thierry Michel - due 2009-07-02].
10:05:11 [tobias]
ACTION: tmichel to create an XSL transformation for the format mapping sheets
10:05:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-130 - Create an XSL transformation for the format mapping sheets [on Thierry Michel - due 2009-07-02].
10:07:03 [tobias]
One of the next steps: we have to work on the data type definitions
10:07:25 [tobias]
ACTION: tmichel to add a datatype column to the format mapping sheets
10:07:25 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-131 - Add a datatype column to the format mapping sheets [on Thierry Michel - due 2009-07-02].
10:09:13 [tobias]
Wonsuk proposes to add XPath expressions to the sheets
10:10:43 [tobias]
Chris asks if having an XPath expresion is too specifc? Wonsuk says that he needs this for the implementation of the getters.
10:10:51 [Zakim]
Team_(mediaann)08:57Z has now started
10:10:58 [Zakim]
10:11:40 [victor]
How many of the considered formats are XML-based?
10:11:44 [tobias]
Chris: In some metadata formats things can be expressed in different ways which makes having different XPATH expression necessary
10:12:28 [victor]
What about non-XML based formats?
10:12:34 [tobias]
@Victor: most formats have XML serializations, but a considerable amount of them has also an RDF-based serialization
10:12:49 [tobias]
@Victor: EXIF for instance is non-XML based
10:13:59 [tobias]
Chris: thinks that the XPath expressions are just an implementation issue.
10:16:39 [tobias]
ACTION: tmichel to add a column for XPath expressions to the format sheets
10:16:39 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-132 - Add a column for XPath expressions to the format sheets [on Thierry Michel - due 2009-07-02].
10:17:14 [tobias]
The group decided @ 12:15 that we should add XPath expressions to the mapping table.
10:17:28 [tobias]
Victor: What should we do if a format is not XML-based?
10:18:05 [tobias]
Werner: All formats that are non-XML based in our current mapping table are very flat.
10:18:41 [victor]
"very flat" means that an offset in bytes is enough?
10:19:35 [tobias]
Current topic: check WIKI page of possible enhancements for a next revision of the ontology working draft
10:20:13 [tobias]
First point: Add a browseable version of the proposed ontology?
10:20:30 [tobias]
Werner: The idea was to have a structured definition of the elements.
10:23:10 [tobias]
Current point (from Werner): distinguish between descriptive and technical properties?
10:23:34 [tobias]
Joakim: the issue was: why should we include some technical properties and others not?
10:25:12 [tobias]
Chris: How did we come up with the list of properties in Barcelona?
10:25:23 [tobias]
Joakim: we voted in Barcelona
10:26:34 [tobias]
Chris: Should we try to get some feedback about the properties?
10:26:52 [tobias]
Werner: Discussed the properties in a Digital Cinema project
10:28:08 [tobias]
Jonas: why were we thinking of excluding technical metadata?
10:28:20 [tobias]
Werner: the idea was to keep the basic set quite small.
10:28:53 [tobias]
Jonas: OpenSocial has a lot more elements and are expanding all the time.
10:30:18 [tobias]
We might thinking of seperating between descriptive/technical metadata
10:32:54 [tobias]
Agenda topic: Lunch break
10:55:09 [Zakim]
10:55:10 [Zakim]
Team_(mediaann)08:57Z has ended
10:55:10 [Zakim]
Attendees were pchampin
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11:46:27 [dsinger]
ACTION tmichel: Copy the format sheets into the Wiki.
11:46:27 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-133 - Copy the format sheets into the Wiki. [on Thierry Michel - due 2009-07-02].
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12:04:08 [tobias]
Agenda topic: Revision of core attributes
12:09:34 [wbailer]
meeting: MAWG F2F (afternoon)
12:09:41 [wbailer]
scribe: wbailer
12:10:01 [wbailer]
topic: refinement of set of properties
12:10:32 [wbailer]
splitting into core set of descriptive properties and technical metadata (maybe specific to media types)
12:11:10 [wbailer]
zakim, who is there
12:11:20 [wbailer]
zakim, who is here
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12:11:42 [wbailer]
zakim, who is there
12:11:42 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'who is there', wbailer
12:11:47 [wbailer]
zakim, who is here
12:11:47 [Zakim]
wbailer, you need to end that query with '?'
12:11:56 [wbailer]
zakim, who is here?
12:11:56 [Zakim]
sorry, wbailer, I don't know what conference this is
12:11:57 [Zakim]
On IRC I see wbailer, dsinger, victor, RRSAgent, trackbot
12:12:06 [wbailer]
zakim, this is mawg
12:12:06 [Zakim]
sorry, wbailer, I do not see a conference named 'mawg' in progress or scheduled at this time
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12:13:35 [wbailer]
david: propose to add frame rate
12:14:03 [wlee3]
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12:15:20 [wbailer]
classify technical metadata according to media type
12:17:57 [wbailer]
david: is frame rate and audio sampling rate the same? what to return for a movie?
12:18:44 [wbailer]
jean-pierre: use edit rates for temporal sampling
12:21:45 [wbailer]
joakim: call intrisic properties of media "technical metadata"
12:22:15 [wbailer]
david: profiles are orthogonal to descriptive/technical metadata, eg. camera man only makes sense for video
12:22:57 [dsinger]
zakim, this is conf1
12:22:57 [Zakim]
dsinger, I see Team_(mediaann)08:57Z in the schedule but not yet started. Perhaps you mean "this will be conf1".
12:23:08 [dsinger]
zakim, this will be conf1
12:23:08 [Zakim]
ok, dsinger; I see Team_(mediaann)08:57Z scheduled to start 206 minutes ago
12:30:19 [wbailer]
define framerate (video) and samplingrate (audio) as properties
12:30:39 [wbailer]
chris: describing properties of container vs properties of streams
12:31:05 [wbailer]
jean-pierre: need to define which stream is main reference point of temporal addressing
12:32:12 [wbailer]
chris: container with different bit rates
12:34:08 [wbailer]
jean-pierre: containers with streams with different rates currently not an issue on the web
12:39:26 [wbailer]
david: is bit rate needed or can it be calculated from size and duration?
12:42:12 [wbailer]
david: add dataSize (file size or stream size)
12:43:33 [wbailer]
david: having bitrate additionally, it may be contradictory
12:43:54 [wbailer]
david: dataSize could be indefinite for live broadcasts
12:44:17 [wbailer]
david: use bit rate, if finite duration, data size could be calculated
12:44:34 [wbailer]
jean-pierre: which bit rate? average?
12:44:42 [wbailer]
david: average bit rate
12:47:21 [wbailer]
joakim: include sample type/size?
12:50:02 [wbailer]
12:50:20 [wbailer]
joakim: number of tracks?
12:54:16 [wbailer]
add number of track and track type
12:54:42 [wbailer]
add getNamedFragments - possible fragment names to request
12:54:58 [wbailer]
david how to get track format
12:55:21 [wbailer]
david: accessibility issues for multimedia
12:55:45 [wbailer]
david: requirements for adaptations, specific tracks may be available for that purpose
12:55:58 [wbailer]
... eg. high contrast video instead of normal video track
12:56:17 [wbailer]
... would need to add function of track in addition to track format
12:57:41 [wbailer]
chris: mpeg-21 looked at description of adaption, user needs
12:58:18 [wbailer]
... not sure if adaptation requirements need to be added in the metadata
12:58:33 [wbailer]
... similar to age adaptation
12:58:37 [jsderber]
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13:00:58 [wbailer]
tobias: has in his ontology number of views, price, and specific types of dates
13:01:14 [tobias]
the dates are: creation date, modification date, publication date
13:02:05 [tobias]
I also had more descriptive properties such as keywords, tags, category
13:02:25 [wbailer]
david: can track type be retrieved using format on the track fragment?
13:05:58 [wbailer]
number of views? dropped
13:06:48 [wbailer]
chris: difference tag and keyword?
13:07:02 [wbailer]
joakim: tag is user defined keyword
13:07:24 [wbailer]
chris: keywords summarize, tags are subjective
13:08:31 [wbailer]
tag will not be added
13:10:59 [wbailer]
david: language versions of some elements (eg title)
13:11:14 [wbailer]
... what is returned?
13:11:52 [wbailer]
david: data types: uris vs text
13:12:16 [wbailer]
david: how to return sets of elements
13:13:10 [wbailer]
david: duration of file vs annotated duration
13:14:06 [wbailer]
david: unit of frame size, ... ?
13:14:57 [wbailer]
... and (pixel) aspect ratio?
13:15:23 [wbailer]
david: how to specify compression format?
13:15:38 [wbailer]
... no standard way of referring to compression type
13:17:20 [wbailer]
david: support gps location for notation, as well as named places
13:17:38 [wbailer]
tobias: why do we have location, but not person?
13:18:04 [wbailer]
chris: can be depicted or shot location?
13:18:09 [wbailer]
joakim: yes
13:18:31 [wbailer]
chris: if we support depicted locations, we should also support persons, events, ...
13:19:04 [wbailer]
joakim: we have a structured way of expressing location, not for the other properties
13:19:56 [wbailer]
joakim: define in api whether you get depicted or shot location
13:20:22 [wbailer]
chris: use location only for shot location
13:20:40 [wbailer]
... for depicted locations, persons, ... could be keywords
13:20:52 [wbailer]
... or add specific properties for these
13:23:15 [wbailer]
action: dsinger to update description of location to represent shot location
13:23:15 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - dsinger
13:24:02 [wbailer]
action: david to revise e-mail on issues/updates of property description
13:24:02 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-134 - Revise e-mail on issues/updates of property description [on David Singer - due 2009-07-02].
13:27:04 [wbailer]
david: difference between rating and target audience?
13:27:14 [wbailer]
joakim: rating is user rating
13:28:31 [wbailer]
david: is target audience a triple: issuer, target audience, value?
13:29:21 [wbailer]
jean-pierre: triple: agency (optional), rating scheme name, value
13:29:30 [Daniel]
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13:30:13 [Daniel]
hi all...sorry for missing the F2F, I am now in Seattle for another meeting
13:30:48 [Daniel]
did you have a lunch ?
13:31:00 [wbailer]
add price?
13:31:16 [wbailer]
david: price for whom to whom?
13:31:52 [wbailer]
tobias: also had license item
13:32:42 [wbailer]
jonas: two versions of content: two separate resources
13:32:54 [wbailer]
joakim: one resource for two instances
13:32:54 [dsinger]
price - rental or own? what resolution? director's cut or the in-flight movie? and so on...
13:33:07 [wbailer]
jonas: how to handle two technical descriptions?
13:34:34 [wbailer]
joakim: does our definition still hold (describing abstract resource or instance)
13:35:16 [wbailer]
chris: you do not describe technical properties when talking about the abstract resource
13:35:54 [Daniel]
13:35:57 [Daniel]
13:36:14 [wbailer]
joakim: content star wars, 2 instances?
13:36:31 [wbailer]
victor: at least 3 different descriptions in this case
13:37:17 [wbailer]
simon: relations between these different descriptions are not yet defined
13:37:30 [wbailer]
chris: we have a locator that points to an instance
13:37:57 [wbailer]
simon: what about metadata of instance?
13:39:13 [wbailer]
use relation element to point from instance to abstract content?
13:39:21 [wbailer]
chris: use relation field
13:39:49 [wbailer]
jonas: price more considered to instance
13:40:07 [wbailer]
victor: price is described within a license
13:40:14 [wbailer]
joakim: drop price
13:40:54 [wbailer]
victor: dc:source would be more appropriate to link from instance to abstract resource
13:41:22 [wbailer]
joakim: source was not even in top rated tags list
13:41:54 [wbailer]
Zakim, list attendees
13:41:54 [Zakim]
sorry, wbailer, I don't know what conference this is
13:43:03 [wbailer]
RRSAgent, make logs public
13:43:12 [wbailer]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
13:43:12 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate wbailer
14:03:44 [dsinger]
for frameSize, we have the problem of non-square pixels. Thus, I see the API could return (a) the actual pixel counts, ignoring pixel aspect ratio - useful for finding a 1080p movie, for example (b) the pixel counts, but adjusted to be the space they would occupy on a square pixel display if the more tightly-sampled axis is expanded (i.e. no resolution loss) - useful if you want to know how big a space, or a space of what aspect ratio, to reserve to display
14:06:46 [joakim]
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14:06:52 [vrodrgue2]
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14:06:59 [dsinger]
on compression type, I recommend a return result that is the mime string of the container, with the codecs parameter as defined in RFC 4281, if needed
14:07:16 [victor]
victor has joined #mediaann
14:07:26 [victor]
14:10:37 [dsinger]
for location, we decided it was actual shot location, so I suggest a pair, either of which elements can be empty, of a GPS location in ISO 6709 Annex H format, and a human ('annotated') name (e.g. "Barcelona", "Granny's house")
14:13:33 [victor]
Werner: Before closing the discussion on metadata elements, we should review some of them. For example, "tagline"
14:13:37 [chris]
chris has joined #mediaann
14:14:51 [dsinger]
title can have various sub-forms, e.g. sub-title, tagline, etc., as well as each possibly having language variants
14:15:24 [florian]
14:16:01 [victor]
14:16:48 [victor]
Zakim, who is here?
14:16:48 [Zakim]
Team_(mediaann)08:57Z has not yet started, victor
14:16:50 [Zakim]
On IRC I see chris, victor, vrodrgue2, joakim, Daniel, wlee3, florian, Zakim, wbailer, dsinger, RRSAgent, trackbot
14:17:31 [victor]
David: We need ma:relation
14:18:52 [victor]
Joakim: Examples of subtypes could be: "thumbnail", "trailer", etc.
14:19:38 [victor]
Following the candidate additional elements, we review the "rights" element:
14:20:23 [victor]
Tobias. We have only a ma:copyright element
14:20:55 [victor]
Victor: We had also intitially dc:rights but this element has been dropped....
14:23:05 [victor]
ACTION Joakim Will refine the subtypes, like ma:contributor, ma:publisher etc.
14:23:05 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-136 - Will refine the subtypes, like ma:contributor, ma:publisher etc. [on Joakim Söderberg - due 2009-07-02].
14:24:43 [victor]
David: The mapping table in the wiki would be better located than in a spreadsheet
14:26:09 [victor]
Tobias: Each element description should be in a different page in the wiki
14:26:52 [victor]
Joakim: This would avoid having sso many times the same text (what would be difficult to update etc.)
14:27:30 [victor]
Werner, Wonsuk: nodds
14:28:15 [victor]
Joakim: Draws in the whiteboard a scheme of the main page of the mapping table
14:29:45 [florian]
14:30:11 [victor]
Joakim: (drawing) Main page consists of a table with the following columns: MAWG, Description, DataType (example: "ma:contributor", "text description", "xsd:string")
14:31:04 [wbailer]
action: wbailer to update attributes table
14:31:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-137 - Update attributes table [on Werner Bailer - due 2009-07-02].
14:31:17 [victor]
Joakim (drawing): each mapping table (XMP, EXIF, etc) has also a table with the following columns:MAWG, XMP attribute, How to do the mapping, Datatype, XPath
14:33:12 [victor]
Now, analyzing "List of fragments"
14:34:10 [victor]
Joakim shows a Felix email, where he suggests the possible need to annotate his favourite fragments in a video
14:37:33 [victor]
(It is discussed but a conclusion is not reached for the moment...)
14:38:23 [victor]
David: Why not adding a new row: "fragment"?
14:38:57 [victor]
Werner: agrees
14:39:13 [victor]
Joakim: Does not like the term very much...
14:40:34 [victor]
It is agreed that chapters are really useful
14:40:56 [victor]
ma:fragment is proposed to be added
14:41:19 [victor]
: chapter, highlight, favourite
14:41:33 [victor]
as subtypes.
14:42:01 [victor]
Chris: They are pairs <identification, label>
14:42:52 [victor]
Agreed: ma:fragment is a pair of fragment, and the role it plays.
14:43:26 [victor]
NEXT ITEM IN THE LIST of new elements to be considered: "Accesibility Metadata"
14:44:32 [victor]
ACTION wbailer to update the candidate additional elements
14:44:32 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-138 - Update the candidate additional elements [on Werner Bailer - due 2009-07-02].
14:46:23 [victor]
14:46:40 [victor]
we review the list of improvements and enhancement of the ontology, see"Ontology_for_Media_Resource_1.0"_document
14:47:50 [victor]
David: I suggest adding a "Example" column in the mappings page in the wiki
14:48:48 [victor]
Now: number 6 in the list of improvements: some in-scope formats are not part of the mapping table.
14:51:34 [victor]
The list of "formats in scope" is in Clause 1.2 of the "Ontology for Media Resource 1.0" document
14:52:29 [victor]
Joakim this can be fixed for the next version, no need to spend more time now on it.
14:53:52 [victor]
Now: number 7-º0 in the list of improvements: we go over them very fast.
14:54:13 [victor]
Now: number 11 in the list: Veronique said ontology definition etc. could be improved
14:54:26 [victor]
We agree that all of it can be done for the next version of the ontology document
14:55:40 [victor]
ACTION florian To check with Veronique (and Victor) the improvements 9-11 in the list.
14:55:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-139 - Check with Veronique (and Victor) the improvements 9-11 in the list. [on Florian Stegmaier - due 2009-07-02].
14:57:20 [victor]
(Jean Pierre Evain leaves the meeting to take a plane)
15:00:18 [dsinger]
(Joakim goes with him, we note with fear the inward-opening locked door and the bars on the windows)
15:03:20 [Daniel]
\me what happen in there ?
15:03:28 [dsinger]
(Joakim is unable to re-enter; perhaps grateful)
15:08:09 [victor]
We recall that some syntactic information (a column?) is missing in the mapping table
15:09:36 [victor]
We recall that the next version might include several layers of complexity, and several layers of conformance
15:10:18 [victor]
We postpone the meeting until tomorrow
15:10:46 [wbailer]
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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15:14:27 [wbailer]
Meeting: MAWG F2F
15:14:46 [wbailer]
action: chris to come up with examples
15:14:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-140 - Come up with examples [on Chris Poppe - due 2009-07-02].
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15:26:39 [florian]
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zakim, bye
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rrsagent, bye
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ACTION: tmichel to copy the format sheets into the wiki [1]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: tmichel to create an XSL transformation for the format mapping sheets [2]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: tmichel to add a datatype column to the format mapping sheets [3]
15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: tmichel to add a column for XPath expressions to the format sheets [4]
15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: tmichel to Copy the format sheets into the Wiki. [5]
15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: dsinger to update description of location to represent shot location [6]
15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: david to revise e-mail on issues/updates of property description [7]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: wbailer to update attributes table [8]
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15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: chris to come up with examples [9]
15:32:50 [RRSAgent]
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