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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 May 2009
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Chair: Roland
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Regrets: Eric, Yves
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TOPIC: Actions
16:07:01 [Roland]
16:07:26 [mphillip]
Derek: No progress on action 68
16:08:15 [mphillip]
Roland: Eric has chased up action 73 by email. He received a response from Mark Baker, but nothing yet from Harald
16:08:28 [mphillip]
close action-73
16:08:28 [trackbot]
ACTION-73 Follow up IRI jndi issue after next week with Harald closed
16:08:49 [mphillip]
Roland: We agreed last week that we would not update the prefix unless necessary
16:09:02 [mphillip]
Roland: Therefore we can close action 81
16:09:06 [mphillip]
close action-81
16:09:06 [trackbot]
ACTION-81 update the spec. with "jndi-" prefix changes (when we get confirmation from Harald) closed
16:09:35 [mphillip]
Roland: So the next step is to get to candidate recommendation
16:09:47 [mphillip]
Roland: Will kick off the process with Yves
16:10:01 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Testing
16:10:20 [mphillip]
Roland: Phil has made some updates to document test coverage
16:10:36 [mphillip]
Roland: Eric has an action to look at WSDL coverage
16:11:10 [mphillip]
Phil: Not sure if we necessarily need to associate a test case with every assertion
16:11:38 [mphillip]
Roland: We should document that in the assertions or create a test case which is a 'null' test case
16:11:54 [mphillip]
Roland: Are there any that need to change before we go to CR?
16:12:13 [Roland]
16:12:45 [mphillip]
Phil: For example Protocol-2041
16:12:46 [mphillip]
16:13:08 [mphillip]
Phil: is not really an assertion
16:13:12 [Roland]
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16:14:57 [mphillip]
Roland: The table following the assertion lists the values set by a conforming client.
16:16:23 [Roland];%20charset=utf-8#Protocol-2041
16:16:27 [mphillip]
Mark: Perhaps the assertion text should say something like "A conforming sending node MUST set message values according to the table in 2.7.1"
16:17:22 [mphillip]
Roland: Or the whole table should be in the assertion
16:17:44 [mphillip]
Phil: We probably have this covered by other assertions
16:19:34 [mphillip]
Roland: The definition of the properties does make assertions - for example the deliveryMode property is covered in Protocol-2005
16:20:11 [mphillip]
Roland: The table has the benefit of grouping everything together under the role of the Sending SOAP node
16:20:46 [mphillip]
Phil: This is the one-way pattern right?
16:21:29 [mphillip]
Roland: Correct, there is the equivalent table for request-response in 2.6.1
16:23:37 [mphillip]
Phil: May be worth putting additional text in the assertion to clarify
16:23:53 [mphillip]
Roland: e.g. for 2035 "Requesting-Response MEP -requesting SOAP node"
16:24:06 [mphillip]
Phil: Or just turn it into a sentence
16:26:14 [mphillip]
Roland: Will have a go at improving the wording for 2035, 2039, and 2041
16:26:55 [mphillip]
Phil: 2042 needs some rewording too
16:27:21 [mphillip]
Roland: Yes, all the faults should already be covered by assertions
16:28:11 [mphillip]
Action Roland to Reword the assertions 2035, 2039, and 2041 so that they make more sense
16:28:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-84 - Reword the assertions 2035, 2039, and 2041 so that they make more sense [on Roland Merrick - due 2009-05-12].
16:28:47 [mphillip]
action Roland to see whether assertion 2042 can be removed bacause all faults are covered by their own assertion
16:28:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-85 - See whether assertion 2042 can be removed bacause all faults are covered by their own assertion [on Roland Merrick - due 2009-05-12].
16:29:10 [mphillip]
Phil: Also look at 2024
16:29:43 [mphillip]
Roland: That would cover most of the assertions without test cases
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16:31:48 [mphillip]
chair: Roland
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Attendees were Roland, +1.708.246.aaaa, Derek, +1.919.663.aabb, +0196270aacc, mphillip, +1.512.286.aadd, Phil
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