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The Web Applications WG's Widgets group will have a f2f meeting in Paris France February 24-26 2009. This is the agenda page for that meeting. The meeting will be hosted by Orange/FT.

Meeting Logistics

  • Voice Conference Bridge = +1.617.761.6200, ID is 9231#; only used when needed
  • IRC channel = #wam; irc.w3.org:6665
  • Dates = 24-26 February 2009
  • Time = 09:30 - 17:30
  • Location = Orange Labs - France Telecom; 38-40 rue du General Leclerc, 92794 Issy Les Moulineaux cedex 9; Paris France
  • Meeting Room = TBD - Benoit to supply information
  • Scribe: Every WG member will scribe some part of the meeting

Meeting Registration

All attendees must register via the meeting's [registration page].

Paris Information

Please see Benoit's Orange/FT Facility and Hotel information‎ regarding the Orange/FT meeting facility and recommended hotels.



The primary objective of the meeting is to advance the Widgets 1.0 specification suite by discussing and resolving open issues.

The overall scheduling of the topics is loose, in that only a few of the agenda items have pre-defined time slots to accommodate meeting with other groups.

We will attempt to close all open issues by the end of the meeting. Therefore, please be prepared to comment on: a) all of the Open Issues explicitly identified in the specs and b) the open Widgets issues in the Issues Database. Closing issues before the meeting is preferred.

If you have any related WebApps Open Actions, please close them before the meeting.


Packaging and Configuration spec

Digital Signature spec

API and Events spec

Updates spec

  • Update and Digital Signature model; model proposed by Marcos Caceres
  • Red Block Issues in the spec
    • Section 2 TBW; TBW: Goals of this specification. A brief overview of the architecture, and some background and motivation for its creating. Related specifications (namely OMA-DL) and justification as to why this is needed.
    • widgetupdate element; Section 4.3; ISSUE: should widget user agents verify this with a HEAD request to the potential update?
    • UUD Acquisition; Section 5.; TBW: This section will describe how to formulate HTTP requests and deal with authentication and content negotiation. Widget user agents will be expected to handle HTTP response codes and redirects. User agents will also be expected to cache certain information, etc. This section will also discuss confirmation of installation via POST to the notify URI.
    • UUD Processing; Section 6.; TBW: This section will describe how to process a UDD.
    • Need to define the term invalid UDD; Section 6.1
    • Processing Model TBW; Section 6.2; # TBW: Need to extract the text content ignoring any invalid nodes not defined in this document. However, need to align this with the i18n model so that is allowed (or whatever solution we end up using).
    • Section 7. TBW - Potential update verification and installation process
    • Section 8. TBW - Post install
  • Publication plans

Tuesday, Feb 24

  • Introductions, logistics
    • Member confidentiality
  • Agenda tweaking
    • Prioritize topics

Wednesday, Feb 25

  • Continue working on topics list ...

Thursday, Feb 26