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NOTE: This document is no longer maintained because the Web Applications Working Group was closed in October 2015 and its deliverables transferred to the Web Platform Working Group.

This document includes information about WebApp's Widget Embedding deliverable which is briefly defined in the charter as:

Widgets Embedding: a mechanism to allow embedding of packaged applications within other Web content, such as referencing via the HTML object element.

For the context of this deliverable, a widget can be: a packaged web application à la Widget Packaging and Configuration that may be stalled as a stand-alone application or embedded in some container such as a Web browser or chrome-less Web run-time engine; a set of resources that can be packaged (in some way other than the ZIP and XML manifest defined in P&C) and installed in a Web browser; something else. In other words, the scope and definition of widget in this context is still very much a Work In Progress ...

Problem Statement

ToBeWritten ...


Resources related to the general topic of Widgets, Web Application Packaging and Web Application Embedding (alphabetical order):

Threads on various mail lists

Discussions threads on public-webapps related to the general subject of widget embedding (most recent thread first):

Use Cases and Requirements

ToBeWritten; See Widgets v2 list

Specification Work

Currently, WebApps has not done any specification work for this deliverable.