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A Last Call Working Draft (LCWD) of the Web Storage spec was published on 25-Oct-2011. This document tracks comments and bugs for this LC (comment period ended 15-Nov-2011).

SeeAlso: Web Storage Bug List

Comments submitted after LC was published


Submitted by: Ashok Malhotra; 13-Nov-2011.

Ashok proposed several potential extensions for the Web Storage spec and asked a question.

Members of the group responded to Ashok's points and questions. Art Barstow created Action-640 as a reminder to update (during the Web Storage CR period) the group's Database wiki which describes the relationship between the group's various database related specs as well as HTML5's offline application cache.

On November 23, Art Barstow issued a Call for Contributors to WebApps WG re Ashok and the TAG on their Web Application Storage work item.


Submitted by: TAG (Noah Mendelsohn); 15-Nov-2011.

The TAG suggested a single facility to address uses cases covered by Web Storage and HTML5 offline application cache (AppCache) could have advantages and if no such integration were practical the positioning of these specs should be documented.

As a consequence of this comment, some of the requested positioning and relationship information between Web Storage and AppCache was added to the group's Database wiki and additional information will be added during the Web Storage CR period. This additional work will be tracked via Action-640, to be worked on during the Web Storage CR period.

Bugs Submitted During LC Review Period

No bugs were submitted during the LC period.

Open Bug Status

There are no Open bugs for this spec.

Implementation Status

This spec is widely implemented, e.g. see data from CanIUse.Dom.