Tracker Guidelines

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Note: These definitions originated with the HTML WG's Tracker Guidelines, and are proposed for the WebApps WG to promote a uniform policy.

Tracker Definitions

  • ISSUE: A topic of concern or a problem. (An issue defines a problem.)
  • ACTION: The process of doing something e.g. to help resolve an ISSUE. (An ACTION may generates a potential resolution to an ISSUE, or helps solve it e.g. by gathering more information.)

Tracker Issue State Definitions

  • RAISED: A working group member suggests this is worth a WG discussion and potentially a decision.
  • OPEN: The Chairs agree this is worth WG discussion; preferably, a working group member is assigned an ACTION to follow up (similar to ASSIGNED).
  • PENDINGREVIEW: The Editor has reviewed arguments and edited spec to taste, or there is a suggestion for consensus action that requires WG and/or chair review; this may prompt the WG chairs to estimate the level of consensus and put a question to the WG in order to resolve the issue.
  • POSTPONED: The WG has decided the issue will not be addressed at this time due to engineering constraints, cost-effectiveness, or the inability of the issue to be address in the time defined by our charter. To be investigated during the next chartering period.
  • CLOSED: The chairs believe either the WG has resolved the issue (via spec editing) or the issue has been withdrawn. Only the chairs should move issues to 'closed'. Typically moving issues from PENDINGREVIEW to CLOSED will involve review in the weekly telecon.

Tracker Action State Definitions

  • OPEN: A working group member has been assigned this ACTION, and has clear steps to follow up (an action cannot be created without assigning to someone).
  • PENDINGREVIEW: The person to whom the action was assigned has further information or a recommendation, and wishes the WG and chairs to review it. This may also be used to flag a status update, but then move back to OPEN (e.g., an assignee wants to get on the agenda for the weekly telecon to give a status update, but then still has more to do to complete the action.
  • CLOSED: The chairs believe either the action was withdrawn or it has been completed. Only the chairs should move actions to 'closed'. Typically moving actions from PENDINGREVIEW to CLOSED will involve review in the weekly telecon.