Testing Requirements

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This page attempts to capture the requirements that would facilitate testing of various key specifications under development by W3C WebApps Working Group. Its intended purpose is to inform the W3C of missing infrastructure components that are critical for thoroughly testing the conformance requirements of specifications.

In order of importance:


Need a server separate from w3.org that can run server-side scripts (e.g. PHP / Python), is backed by Mercurial or Git, and has decent amount of freedom when it comes to configuring details via .htaccess. E.g. full control over media types and charsets.

XMLHttpRequest, CORS, EventSource, HTML5, Widgets WARP will all need a setup like this.

The following are "live" e.g. for testing:

The following ports are "live" e.g. for testing:

See also Dom's 17-Feb-2011 clarifications re the constraints of these hosts e.g. PHP only.


To test the WebSocket protocol and its client API we would need to install e.g. http://code.google.com/p/pywebsocket/ on top of the basic server and run it.

Might need something else: http://code.google.com/p/pywebsocket/issues/detail?id=65 Ideas?


To test browser security more completely when it comes to HTTP you need the following: