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<masayuki> Hi, garykac!

<garykac> Hello

<garykac> I'm the only one on the call so far.

<garykac> Did you want to talk about anything in particular today?

<masayuki> Yes, I have a question before starting discussion. Do you think the .key values which are already defined is enough stabe? Or is it possible to rename?

<masayuki> Our reviewer worries *when* is the best timing to change the key names.

<masayuki> Although, I believe that at least, existing key names are enough stable.

<garykac> We are not planning any changes to the key names.

<garykac> I think that the only changes that might happen would be to add new key names.

<masayuki> Okay, thanks.

<garykac> The key names have been stable for a while - there haven't been any bugs about renaming, only adding new ones or clarifying edge cases.

  • Travis present!

<garykac> Hi Travis - we were just talking about key names

<garykac> For https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=25968, I'm going to make that section more clear that for VKBs the 'code' should be "best effort". We don't want the browser guessing what it should be - it should set it only if it is clear what it should be.

<masayuki> Yeah, it's the best.

<masayuki> "Guessing" may cause incompatibility between browsers.

  • Travis notes they use hr::before { content: "\1F411\2003\2003\1F411\2003\2003\1F411"; }

<garykac> In other news, I made PubReady versions of D3E-code, D3E-key and UIEvents

<garykac> They should go out on Thursday (12 June 2014).

<masayuki> Great.

<garykac> I don't have anything else to talk about - most of my past week was working on making the docs PubReady.

<Travis> I also don't have too much--I've been noodling on how to write the section on the event loop + hit testing...I have some ideas here.

<masayuki> I'd like to get the answer for the latter issue of this https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=24739#c5

<garykac> So, "Props" should be removed because it is actually the "ContextMenu" key.

<masayuki> OK. I see.

<garykac> It that what you were expecting?

<masayuki> Yes.

<Travis> I believe we're out of things to talk about :-)

<Travis> I will be available next week at the same time. Then I'm on vacation for two weeks after that.

<Travis> So, hopefully I will see you all next week?

<garykac> OK. so we'll meet next week and then we won't meet for 2 weeks.

<masayuki> Yeah, I'm available.

<Travis> Sounds good.

<garykac> I'm not sure if we'll have much, but we should sync up before Travis heads out.

<garykac> OK.

<garykac> Talk to y'all next week.

<Travis> bye!