ISSUE-68: The AC4CSR spec and "webarch"


The AC4CSR spec and "webarch"

HISTORICAL: CORS [this spec uses Bugzilla for Bug/Issue tracking]
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Arthur Barstow
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Tyler Close asserts the AC4CSR spec is "counter to what webarch tries to encourage" regarding:
Good practice: Identify with URIs

Tyler raised this issue via:
[1] <>
[2] <>

[1] was in response to Mark Nottinham's email that "per-resource OPTIONS requests are too chatty":
[2] was in response to Ian Hickson's e-mail:

One additional factor to consider when discussing this issue is that the webarch/AWWW document is purely non-Normative:

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(sent on Feb 6th)

I'm pleased to inform you that the WAF working group believes it has resolved an issue you raised. You raised an issue in [1] that we identified as issue #22 [2]. Subsequently, a proposal was put forward to the Working Group and incorporated into the latest editors draft [3]. In a sentence, it adds the ability for a server to grant access to paths in addition to the existing protocols, names, ports and http method specification capabilities. We hope this satisfies your request, and please let us know if it does not.

Dave Orchard, on behalf of the Web Application Format WG


6 Feb 2008, 21:47:36

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