ISSUE-184: data of compositionstart dead key examples are wrong

data for compositionstart

data of compositionstart dead key examples are wrong

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Jacob Rossi
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Post LC issue raised on the behalf of Masayuki Nakano.

compositionstart event defines:

> Some implemenations may populate the data attribute of the
compositionstart event with the text currently selected in the document
(for editing and replacement); otherwise, the value of the data
attribute must be the empty string.

However, the dead key examples in the document set the first character
of composition string.

Input Method Editor examples are fine.
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Jacob Rossi, 16 Aug 2011, 17:45:48

Transferred this issue to the W3C Bug tracker for DOM3 Events, per my personal tracking. (Easier to track all items in one place.)

Resolving this ISSUE (will be final-resolved in the related bug).

Travis Leithead, 12 Mar 2012, 20:34:48

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