ISSUE-183: compositionstart should not be cancellable for IME

Compositionstart Cancellation

compositionstart should not be cancellable for IME

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Jacob Rossi
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Post LC issue opened on the behalf of Masayuki Nakano.

DOM3 Events Spec defines that compositionstart is cancelable. But it
doesn't make sense for IME at least.

UA doesn't know which key event causes starting composition. It is
decided by IME. Current UAs dispatch compositionstart when IME starts
composition actually.

Therefore, "This event must be dispatched immediately before a text
composition system is launched", this definition doesn't match current

And also the composition has started already at that time. Therefore,
"If this event is canceled, the text composition system must not be
launched.", this explanation is impossible behavior.

I'm not sure for other input methods. I think that the spec should
document the IME case at least.

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Related notes:

Jacob Rossi, 16 Aug 2011, 17:44:16

Now tracked as a bug against DOM3 Events:

As such, I'm resolving this ISSUE which will be tracked to conclusion in the bug.

Travis Leithead, 12 Mar 2012, 20:28:09

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