ISSUE-158: Clarify KeyLocationCode constants

KeyLocationCode constants

Clarify KeyLocationCode constants

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Doug Schepers
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David Flanagan <>:
3) In "Definition group KeyLocationCode", the constants are listed in
neither numerical order nor alphabetical order. I was confused for
awhile because I couldn't find the constant for KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD.
Please re-order this list so it matches the numerical order of the
constants shown in the gray box above. Also, three of these paragraphs
use a confusing "shall be in/on" wording. Maybe you could change these
to be parallel with the "originated on" wording of the other constants.
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Related notes:

Revision 1.177. Reordered the definitions to be consistent with the IDL and changed the "must be in/on" to "originated from" to be consistent throughout.

Jacob Rossi, 2 May 2011, 06:40:54

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