ISSUE-157: Problems with initKeyboardEvent


Problems with initKeyboardEvent

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Doug Schepers
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David Flanagan <>:
2) There are a couple of problems with initKeyboardEvent(). First, when
it first apperas in the gray box, it has a repeat argument. But down
below, where the method arguments are each explained the repeat argument
is missing. Second, I don't understand how the char and keyCode
properties of the KeyboardEvent are initialized. Are they derived from
the keyArg argument to initKeyboardEvent(). If so, perhaps you could
add a sentence to the description of that argument: "KeyboardEvent.char
and KeyboardEvent.keyCode are both derived from this argument." (Or
something to that effect).
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This looks resolved in the spec.

Jacob Rossi, 2 May 2011, 05:41:28

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