ISSUE-12: IIS and Access-Control-Policy-Path


IIS and Access-Control-Policy-Path

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Anne van Kesteren
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[[ This issue was created on 2008-06-06 as Issue #25 in the Web Applications Formats (WAF) WG and is copied in totality to the Web Applications WG's Issues database:
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IIS servers have an issue in that resources can be addressed by several distinct URIs as explained in this e-mail:

This impacts the design of Access-Control-Policy-Path to some extent. Two proposals have been put forward by members of the WG to address this issue:

A. If a URI (also one given during redirects, etc.) contains the "\.." sequence (or the escaped form) apply the generic network error steps.

B. Warn against using the Access-Control-Policy-Path feature in servers that exhibit this behavior.

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Arthur Barstow, 21 Oct 2008, 16:04:04

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