ISSUE-113: Clarify when resize events fire


Clarify when resize events fire

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Doug Schepers
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It seems 'resize' events are pretty messed up. In (some versions of?) IE, 2 events are fired for each resize, one each for width and height. Opera fires all of these events at the end of the resizing. Firefox fires one event at the end, which seems most likely to be efficient, but may not have the responsiveness authors would want.
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Related notes:

Revision 1.171. Per the resolution from the 4/20/2011 telecon, I've updated the description of the resize event to describe the most interoperable behavior:

-Target: defaultView
-Bubbles: no
-Cancels: no
-During continuous user-initiated resizing, if the UA supports continuous reflow of the document's layout, then resize events should be dispatched synchronously after each reflow.

No element resize behavior is defined. However, a note remains that points out UAs and host languages may define elements which may resize (such as iframes).

Jacob Rossi, 25 Apr 2011, 01:10:06

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