ISSUE-103: accessing status/statusText/getResponseHeader()/getAllResponseHeaders()

accessing status/statusText/getResponseHeader()/getAllResponseHeaders()

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Anne van Kesteren
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After invoking abort() Internet Explorer throws for getting these members as per the specification. (And probably also in general when no request has been made yet.)

Firefox apparently does not. Someone from WebKit conveyed to me that they would like to change to match Firefox.

I personally have these requirements:

a) All implementations should end up doing the same in the end.
b) I would like to know exactly what needs to be changed in the current specification so there is a lot less chance of me making a mistake.

Of course, all of this depends on everyone agreeing with changes being needed in the first place.
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Related notes:

In the Santa Clara F2F we decided to remove exceptions for these members.

Anne van Kesteren, 3 Nov 2009, 15:18:14

Fixed in the editor's draft.

Anne van Kesteren, 10 Nov 2009, 14:59:47

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