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Geolocation Working Group Meeting Info


Note: The Working Group has decided to only hold teleconferences as needed.

The Geolocation Working Group had it's first teleconference on Monday 10 November 2008. There is no next teleconference currently planned.

Phone Details:

USA: +1.617.761.6200
France: +
UK: +44.117.370.6152
Passcode: 43656# ("GEOLO")

IRC Details:

Channel: #geolocation
Web client: w3c Web based client or Mibbit, an external Web based IRC client

If possible please use your w3c login as your IRC nick

Face to Face Meetings


Please update the scribe list when you scribe, move yourself to the bottom of the list and add a link with the date you scribed. (the original scribe list was taken from a snapshot of members as of November 2008, if you're not on it, please add yourself)

Meeting Records

  1. Teleconference, 10 November 2008
    Agenda (member only)
    Minutes (member only)
  2. Teleconference, 24 November 2008
    Agenda (member only)
    Minutes (member only)
  3. Face to Face, 08 December 2008
    Agenda (member only)
  4. Face to Face, 09 December 2008
    Agenda (member only)
  5. Face to Face, 02-03 November, 2009 -- TPAC 2009
    Day 1 Minutes
    Day 2 Minutes