Media Annotations Working Group
Administrative Page

This page contains administrative information for the Media Annotations Working Group.

Telephone conference information

If you can't get into the bridge, dial *0 to speak to the operator — they can manually connect you. Zakim allows participants to mute themselves by pressing 61# ("M" for mute, then "1" for on) and unmute themselves with 60#.

Upcoming calls:

31.08. 2010
13:00 UTC

Scribe list

Werner Bailer (2008-10-07, 2008-11-11), Tobias Bürger, Véronique Malaisé (2008-10-17, 2008-11-18), Erik Mannens (2008-10-23), Thierry Michel, Soohong Daniel Park, Joakim Söderberg (2008-11-25), Vassilis Tzouvaras, Davy Van Deursen, Hui Miao (2008-09-30), Felix Sasaki (2008-09-23, 2008-10-24), Raphaël Troncy (2008-09-09, 2008-10-23)

Editors information

See the separate page for editors.