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Video on the Web

Philippe Le Hégaret

W3C Interaction Domain Leader,
Video in the Web Activity Lead

Video on the Web 2008
  (IPTV가 웹을 만났을 때 !)
2008년 9월 25일~26일, 서울, 대한민국

Note: these slides contain demos of the HTML 5 and SVG 1.2 video elements, and where developed with a preview build of Opera 9.52 to fully demonstrate future capabilities of Web browsers.

W3C Mission

“Leading the Web to its full potential.”

W3C is a collaborative community where experts develop the standards that make the Web work, and that make the Web accessible and useful to people around the world.

International Presence


W3C has 425 members in 40 countries, offices in 20 countries, and 3 host sites.

Video in the Web

What's on the Internet tonight?

The Internet is becoming consumers' primary entertainment source […]

— Saul Berman, IBM Media & Entertainment Strategy and Change

Marjorie "Marge" Simpson using the Web (© Fox Broadcasting Company)
© Fox Broadcasting Company

Video Forecast

Cisco's Global Consumer Internet Traffic Forecast

Cisco's Global Consumer Internet Traffic Forecast
Source: Cisco, 2007

W3C Workshop


W3C Video on the Web Workshop

12-13 December 2007, San Jose, California and Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by Cisco Systems

W3C Video Workshop Telepresence
Photo credit: Chris Lilley

W3C Workshop Participants

Accenture, Adobe Systems, Annodex Association, Apple, CBS Interactive, CableLabs, Canon, Capgemini, CWI, Cisco Systems, Dailymotion, Hitachi, Hot Potato, IBBT, IJS, MTV Networks, Meraka Institute, Motorola, Move Networks, Mozilla Foundation, Nemours Foundation, Nokia Corporation, RealNetworks, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Sun Microsystems, Thomson, Turner Broadcasting System, University Of California at Santa Cruz, University of Wollongong, VRT medialab, Via Licensing, Walt Disney Internet Group, Web3D Consortium, Wright State University, YouTube, thePlatform

Steve Bratt makes a point in Black and White
Photo credit: Robert Freund

Workshop Laundry list

HTML 5.0 <video>

<video src='myMovie' id='vid' />

var vid = document.getElementById("vid");;
vid.muted = true;

vid.addCueRange("ranges", 10, 20, false,
                enterCallBack, exitCallBack);

This is a paragraph in HTML on top of the video.

CSS opacity allows this video to be partially transparent.

Click on the text, e.g., to play/pause/stop the video.

SVG 1.2 <video>

Or how to make HTML, SVG, CSS, JS, and Video fit together?

  <svg:g id='vid' clip-path="url(#etri)">
    <svg:video  xlink:href="myMovie" id='vid' />
  <svg:use xlink:href="#vid"
              transform="scale(1 -1)"

var vid = document.getElementById("vid");

This is a paragraph in HTML on top of the video.

CSS opacity allows this video to be partially transparent.

Click on the text vid.beginElement() to begin the video.

Codecs and formats

Video Container format

HTML 5 Requirements for a Video codec

None of the codecs fit the requirements for HTML 5…

Video in the Web Activity

Media Fragments: Spatial and Temporal

Will provide URI-based mechanisms for uniquely identifying temporal and spatial fragments for media objects on the Web, such as video, audio, and images.

Beth, the audience, Belgium, her pitch, and herself
Photo credit: Robert Freund

Temporal addressing

Media Fragments Working Group

Chairs: Erik Mannens (IBBT), Raphaël Troncy (CWI)

Address a region of a media object and the impact at the application level (allow full or partial media retrieval using the HTTP protocol).,50,200,100)



Related: Metadata Working Group (Canon, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe)

Content protection

Media Annotations Working Group: Core Ontology

Chair: Soohong Daniel Park (Samsung)

simple lingua-franca ontology


Media Annotations Working Group: Metadata API

Client side read-only media annotations API

var vid = document.getElementById("vid");

See demo

Guidelines for Media Content on the Web (proposal)

Potential items on the list:

So, What's in the Web for IPTV?

Web technologies are getting deployed on mobiles and televisions.

Thank you


Video on the Web is not just what you see

— it's what you can search, discover, create, distribute and manage.

웹의 모든 잠재력을 이끌어 내기 위하여…

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