W3C Geolocation API

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How does a Web app get access to user location data?

The API requires browser support; either the device a browser is running on must directly expose one or more location-sensing mechanisms (e.g., GPS) to the browser, or some other third-party application must expose it to the browser (e.g., WiFi positioning through SkyHook)

Who’s doing the work?

Where to get it



Requirements (more)

Requirements (more)

Agnostic about location method

Some use cases

Example: “One-shot” query

  function showMap(position) {
    // Show a map centered at
    // at (position.latitude, position.longitude). }
  // One-shot position request.

Example: Position updates

  function scrollMap(position) {
    // Scrolls the map so it is centered
    // at (position.latitude, position.longitude). }
  // Request repeated updates.
  var watchId =
  function buttonClickHandler() {
    // Cancel when user clicks button
    navigator.geolocation.clearWatch(watchId); }

IDL: Geolocation interface

  interface Geolocation { 
    readonly attribute Position lastPosition;
    void getCurrentPosition(in 
      PositionCallback successCallback);
    int watchPosition(in
      PositionCallback successCallback);
    void clearWatch(in int watchId); };

IDL: PositionCallback interface

  interface PositionCallback {
    void handleEvent(in Position position); };

IDL: Position object

  interface Position {
    readonly attribute double latitude;
    readonly attribute double longitude;
    readonly attribute double accuracy;
    readonly attribute double altitude;
    readonly attribute double altitudeAccuracy;
    readonly attribute double heading
    readonly attribute double velocity
    readonly attribute DOMTimeStamp timestamp; };

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