W3C Workshop on Semantic Web in Oil & Gas Industry: Agenda

Hosted by Chevron at 1600 Smith Street, Houston, TX 77002, conference room 35004


(See also the separate page on the Workshop logistics.)

Day 1: Tuesday, 9 December 2008


09:00 Introduction session, invited presentations (90 minutes)

Local logistics

— Roger Cutler, Chevron

Chevron Welcome

– Tom Bell, Chevron

W3C Welcome, workshop logistics

– Ivan Herman, W3C

Introduction on W3C (slides)

— Steve Bratt, W3C

Keynote: Putting the FOCUS on data (slides)

— Jim Crompton, Chevron

A Historical Perspective

— Bertrand du Castel, Schlumberger

10:30 Break (10:30-11:00)

11:00 Presentation session: O&G applications, use cases (90 minutes)

Design and Implementation of a Semantic Web Solution for Information andKnowledge Management in Real-time Reservoir Management (position paper, slides)

Ramakrishna Soma, USC, Amol Bakshi, USC, Will DaSie, Chevron, Kanwal Gupta, Avanada Inc, and Victor Prasanna, USC

Cambridge Semantics: Position Paper on the Semantic Web in the Oil & Gas Industry (position paper, slides, slides with notes)

Lee Feigenbaum, Cambridge Semantics

Chevron Position Paper (position paper, slides)

Frank Chum, Mario Casetta, Roger Cutler, Chevron

12:30 LUNCH (12:30-14:00)

14:00 Presentation session: Applications, use cases & tools (90 minutes)

Use Case: Semantic Intelligence for Oil & Gas Business (position paper, slides)

J. Brooke Aker, Expert Systems, and Dante Augusto, ENI Group

Clark and Parsia Position Paper (position paper, slides)

Kendall Clark, Clark & Parsia

Semantic Solutions for Oil & Gas: Roles and Responsibilities (position paper, slides)

Jeremy Carroll and Ralph Hodgson, TopQuadrant

15:30 Break (15:30-16:00)

16:00 Panel discussion: ISO 15926 (90 minutes) 

Onno Paap, Fluor Corp (Moderator — Format to be determined by Moderator)

Introduction, Robin Benjamins, Bechtel (slides)

Fluor Corporation Position Paper (position paper, slides)

Onno Paap, Ivo Willems, Fluor Corp

Using Semantic Web technologies to accelerate Deployment of ISO 15926 in Open Applications (position paper, slides)

Rahul Patil, Manoj Dharwadkar, Bentley Systems

ISO 15926 templates and the Semantic Web (position paper)

Johan W. Klüwer, Martin G. Skjæveland, and Magne Valen-Sendstad, DNV

17:30 Conclusions of the day: Collecting additional discussion topics for day 2

Day 2: Wednesday, 10 December 2008


09:00 Presentation session: O&G applications, ontology engineering (90 minutes)

Computas Position Paper (position paper, slides)

Roar Fjellheim, David Norheim, Computas

Towards an upper ontology for representing oil and gas enterprises (position paper)

Udo Pletat, Vishwanath Narayan, IBM

EPSIS Position Paper (position paper, slides)

Jan Rogier, Jennifer Sampson, Frédéric Verhelst, EPSIS

10:30 Break (10:30-11:00)

11:00 Panel discussion: Operators’ view on Semantic Web (90 minutes)

W3C representative, Moderator
Panel members, operators’representatives

12:30 LUNCH (12:30-14:00)

14:00 Presentation session: O&G applications, use cases (90 minutes)

Two use cases involving Semantic Web Earth Science Ontologies for reservoir modeling and characterization (position paper, slides)

Jean-Francois Rainaud, IFP, Laura Mastella, Ecole des Mines, Priscille Durville, INRIA, Yamine Aït Ameur, LISI-ENSMA, Michel Perrin, Ecole des Mines, Sandrine Grataloup, LISI-ENSMA, and Olivier Morel, BRGM

Towards an Ontology Driven EOR Decision Support System (position paper, slides)

Emilio Nunez, Larry W. Lake, Robert B. Gilbert, Sanjay Srinivasan, Fan Yang, and Mark W. Kroncke, The University of Texas at Austin

15:30 Break (15:30-16:00)

16:00 Panel discussion (90 minutes)

Jim Crompton, Chevron (Moderator)
Panel members to be determined at the workshop, depending on the topics discussed and the results of the two days


Frank Chum, Bertrand du Castel, and Ivan Herman, Workshop Co-chairs

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