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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 November 2008
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Zakim, code?
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the conference code is 7841 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), heycam
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Zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Shepazu, anthony, ed, ??P3
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Shepazu, anthony, ed, chris, heycam
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19:38:36 [anthony]
scribe: anthony
19:38:42 [anthony]
chair: Erik
19:39:28 [anthony]
Topic: SVG Trip Report
19:39:56 [anthony]
DS: As you probably know I went to Japan a week and half a go
19:40:01 [anthony]
... to speak at a conference
19:40:17 [anthony]
... and meet with people from the JIS interest group
19:40:20 [anthony]
... I spoke at the conference
19:40:42 [anthony]
... at a Conference called Wed Directions East
19:41:19 [anthony]
... was started by John Ollsop
19:41:42 [anthony]
... he started the conference series
19:41:47 [anthony]
... on in Australia
19:41:52 [anthony]
... I was speaking on SVG and Canvas
19:41:55 [heycam]
19:42:02 [anthony]
... I just went over both of them
19:42:10 [anthony]
... features, and how they could be integrated
19:42:23 [anthony]
... demoed 'wow' stuff they could do
19:42:32 [anthony]
... other presentations were awesome
19:42:47 [anthony]
... I was asked to give a presentation at Wed Directions North
19:42:53 [anthony]
... as a result
19:43:09 [anthony]
... I'm already starting work on the next presentation
19:43:15 [anthony]
... coding up a site with examples
19:43:32 [anthony]
... I'll be asking for feedback and presenting it to you guys
19:44:14 [anthony]
... saw some amazing data visualisation
19:44:37 [anthony]
... I also talked to people from CSS world
19:44:52 [anthony]
... there is good support for SVG, CSS, and HTML to be integrated in
19:45:19 [anthony]
... a closer package
19:45:29 [anthony]
... I met with the JIS Group
19:45:43 [anthony]
... they discuss Japanese centric market interest
19:46:03 [anthony]
... a few things came out of the meeting
19:46:19 [anthony]
... presentation from takagi-san from KDDI
19:46:59 [anthony]
... he's been working on a map architecture using SVG
19:47:23 [anthony]
... he's been moved from R&D to productisation
19:47:59 [anthony]
... he's got some level of detail stuff in his spec
19:48:14 [anthony]
... ways of using RDF to establish a virtual view port
19:48:35 [anthony]
... to establish mapping between coordinate systems
19:48:55 [anthony]
... there is also a tiling aspect to it
19:49:16 [anthony]
... there is an algorithm that decides which tiles are displayed
19:50:42 [anthony]
... he plans on bringing this to the SVG Working Group
19:50:53 [anthony]
... in about 6 months or so
19:51:03 [anthony]
... and at the same time bring it up with the JIS Group
19:51:39 [anthony]
... probably the only this could get industry support is if SVG is adopted by JIS
19:52:07 [anthony]
... we've already overcome one hurdle by moving SVG Tiny forward now
19:54:27 [anthony]
... however, inorder to convince the government that this version is not going to be super-seeded but in addition to be stable it needs to be sustained
19:54:59 [anthony]
... for mobile that is the case
19:55:16 [anthony]
... no matter how fast we move as a working group we need to make sure something is implemented
19:55:32 [anthony]
... the JIS group will be looking at SVG over the course of the next year
19:56:23 [anthony]
... so between now and the next 6 months they may announce that it will be adopted
19:58:49 [anthony]
... In summary point 1 was there was an interesting map proposal
19:59:10 [anthony]
... simply proposing something to the Working Group doesn't mean it will be published as is though
19:59:33 [anthony]
... they want us to get in contact with the ISO people for this as well
20:00:08 [anthony]
... we have to make it clear that if wants to come to us with this that we should check with other vendors if
20:00:13 [anthony]
... this is the right way to go
20:01:26 [anthony]
... Point 2 the JIS wants to standardise SVG Tiny 1.2 and the mapping module
20:02:29 [anthony]
... the significance of this is if JIS becomes an SVG standard people that have not originally adopted SVG my adopt it now
20:02:45 [anthony]
... JIS in Japan carry a great deal of weight
20:05:59 [anthony]
... there were several companies there I think they are waiting to see where SVG goes with the market
20:19:21 [chris]
Testimonials from Adobe; BitFlash; Canon; Corel; CSIRO; Ericsson;
20:19:21 [chris]
Hewlett Packard; ILOG; KDDI; Nokia; Openwave; Schema Software; Sharp;
20:19:21 [chris]
Texas Instruments
20:19:21 [chris]
20:19:55 [anthony]
Topic: Testimonials
20:20:17 [anthony]
DS: Reminder that we need testimonials
20:20:21 [anthony]
... example link above
20:20:23 [shepazu]
another example:
20:22:43 [anthony]
... don't have to be part of the Working Group to make a testimonial
20:22:49 [anthony]
... as long as you're a member
20:23:17 [anthony]
Topic: Filter Property
20:23:45 [anthony]
CL: [Gives history lesson on filter property]
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20:34:51 [Zakim]
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20:35:37 [Zakim]
20:35:49 [anthony]
[Discussion on feature strings]
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20:36:33 [Zakim]
20:36:38 [shepazu]
I think we should have feature strings for each element, more useful for authors to detect support and provide fallback
20:36:48 [ed]
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20:37:33 [anthony]
DS: There are two practical off shoots from this
20:37:46 [anthony]
... describe a method for people to detect SVG Filters
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20:38:47 [Zakim]
20:38:50 [anthony]
CM: The thread on the ECMA script discussion got into discussion of hacks Webkit has
20:39:40 [ed--]
RRSAgent, pointer please?
20:39:40 [RRSAgent]
20:39:53 [anthony]
... when testing for filters and document.all you get a false negative
20:40:57 [anthony]
... so it's a matter of whether things should be changed at our end
20:41:09 [anthony]
... or perhaps change what is returned in CSS
20:41:43 [anthony]
DS: As SVG gets mixed into HTML we'll probably run into this problem
20:42:23 [heycam]
s/change what is returned in CSS/change the property name on the CSSStyleDeclaration object to something other than "filter"/
20:44:43 [ed--]
ED: note that the CSS WG seems to be doing a new revision of the CSS OM,
20:45:54 [anthony]
DS: Can you post something along those lines?
20:46:04 [anthony]
CM: I'll just post to say we are looking into it
20:46:52 [anthony]
Topic: Module/Future Work
20:47:23 [anthony]
DS: We could consider the modules to be chapters of a spec
20:47:57 [anthony]
CL: I assumed that we would at some point use the modules by reference or stick them into a spec
20:48:02 [anthony]
... there are problems both ways
20:48:11 [anthony]
CM: There's are pros and cons with each way
20:48:18 [chris]
20:48:21 [anthony]
... integration, and defining hooks
20:48:36 [anthony]
... and the advantage of being able to advance modules at different rates is a good one
20:49:13 [ed--]
ED: agrees with heycam that there are pros and cons
20:55:10 [anthony]
DS: Priorities should be layout, diffusion curves, 2.5D and make sure we work well with CSS on that
20:55:29 [anthony]
AG: I think Chris wanted to work on Vector Effects stuff
20:57:35 [ed--]
ED: has a lot of filter module actions, should get around to doing them, put off because of tiny1.2 work
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Shepazu, chris, heycam
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GA_SVGWG()2:30PM has ended
21:13:24 [Zakim]
Attendees were Shepazu, [IPcaller], ed, anthony, heycam, chris
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22:54:49 [heycam]
shepazu, did you sort out the ITS stuff?
23:13:42 [shepazu]
heycam: not yet
23:13:54 [heycam]
so i've just committed the updated diff chapters
23:13:57 [heycam]
and with the updated publish.conf
23:14:11 [heycam]
for some reason the linked stylesheet's not working properly when viewing the diff chapters from
23:14:16 [heycam]
seems ok on my local machine though
23:14:48 [heycam]
could you cvs up, and view one of the diff chapters locally, and confirm that the green/red/yellow highlights show up?
23:15:05 [heycam]
RRSAgent, bye
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