CMS and challenges in content creation

Similar challenges to hand written pages...just faster, more of it and yet much more restrictive.
A view from a larger content provider

Kai Scheppe
Deutsche Telekom AG - Products & Innovation

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Brief overview of what a CMS provides

In short, you can quickly create a great number of web pages and produce them with consistent quality

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Things a CMS does not provide

The main trade-off is flexibility in terms of being able to express deviations from whatever has been set down in templates or similar mechanisms
Maintaining a rather large system creates additional challenges

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Putting dimension into perspective - CMS at Deutsche Telekom

The CMS at Deutsche Telekom's content provider is used to create most portals at

This level of productivity would not be possible without a CMS and the supporting infrastructure
The level of complexity is implicit

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Content creation and delivery challenges

For us, different from hand coding web pages, using a CMS means having to fulfill many requirements simultaneously

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Technology challenges

Using a CMS means dealing with a variety of technological challenges with the goal of automation

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A product and human driven world

In the end business models have to be fulfilled.
Speed and being up-to-date are key, work effort needs to be low
But, everybody wants to be special

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Summing up

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