CMS on eGov - Current Web Practice

2008-10-21, TPAC 2008, Mandelieu, France

Report on current practice

The sample

Use of CMS and Authoring Tools

image showing percentages of CMS tools used

(X)HTML Code

code types chart: 54% no doctype, 33% XHTML, 13% HTMLvalidity chart: 83% not valid

some unknown elements: nvc_prop_value, pubdate, guid, vctag_1_start, vctag_2_start, vctag_3_start...


accessibility chart: 32% not accessible, 68% A-level, less than 1% are AA or AAA

Design and Usability (so to say)

CSS¨ valid? nested tables* repeating TITLE avg. page size^ avg. max. page size^
91% 12% 61% 36% 128Kb 417Kb

¨number of sites using CSS
*used for layout
^with resources

Largest page: 2.2Mb

Some semantics

correctly nested Headings RSS* DC*
21% 21% 19%

*per number of sites, not per pages

MobileOK (simplified)

XHTML Basic or MP* Size Limit*
0% 5%

*only checking home page
some sites have separate mobile versions though

So What!?