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06:16:28 [fsasaki]
meeting: MAWG - TPAC 2008 f2f
06:16:33 [fsasaki]
chair: Daniel, Felix
06:16:37 [fsasaki]
scribe: various
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zakim, this will be mawg
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ok, fsasaki; I see IA_MAWG()3:00AM scheduled to start in 34 minutes
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Zakim, ??P1 is me
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06:55:39 [Daniel]
our discussion focuses on what properties are requrired and mapping these with ontology
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Attendees were tobiasbuerger, Azur
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Attendees were Azur
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Attendees were Azur, AndreaP
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Attendees were AndreaP, Azur
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07:07:43 [Daniel]
wonsuk: if you made an initial draft, please upload it to the wiki page
07:08:38 [fsasaki]
topic: blinx presentation
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07:09:15 [fsasaki]
colm: we have developed an API since many customers asked for it
07:09:37 [fsasaki]
.. will demonstrate general and complex interaction and an demonstration purpose application
07:10:40 [fsasaki]
.. we have 5 entities: reference to page, title like "obama vs. ..."
07:10:54 [fsasaki]
.. .summary, content, ...
07:11:13 [fsasaki]
... document specific info like domain, channel (e.g. "you tube")
07:11:22 [fsasaki]
.. tags from the youtube object itself
07:11:38 [fsasaki]
.. language, media duration / width / heigth
07:11:48 [fsasaki]
.. embedd tag, but not for all medias
07:12:03 [fsasaki]
.. a publish date and a user friendly date (e.g. "9 days ago")
07:12:25 [fsasaki]
raphael: you have your own XML Schema for that?
07:12:26 [fsasaki]
colm: yes
07:13:04 [fsasaki]
present+ Nobuo
07:13:27 [fsasaki]
colm: example with obama video, search query was "joe meets obama"
07:13:40 [fsasaki]
raphael: do you keep track of folksomonies in the metadata?
07:13:58 [fsasaki]
colm: no, we use only what is in the feed what we get.
07:14:39 [fsasaki]
raphael: most of values for this element are specific to your format, e.g. date is not an ISO date
07:14:47 [fsasaki]
colm: yes, we just developed our own format
07:15:11 [fsasaki]
raphael: if you need to exchange the metadata your need to tell people that you use not the ISO date
07:15:26 [fsasaki]
colm: we can make transformations in the API that solves that problem
07:16:02 [fsasaki]
colm: a more complex example: for each object we have a macro layer with information about the transaction, e..g languages that appear in the results
07:16:35 [fsasaki]
.. they have their own categories, application specific ones, e.g. their own title / link / publish date / ...
07:17:07 [fsasaki]
.. s/more complex example/more complex, application specific example/
07:17:35 [fsasaki]
.. in the application they have a web page that makes use of these categories for searching
07:17:54 [fsasaki]
raphael: in the metadata you had English and "en"
07:18:07 [fsasaki]
colm: they did the merging, we put both in and it is up to them to do the merging
07:19:45 [fsasaki]
.. a more complex application: a video with transcription, and the user can click on the transcription and the audio of the video jumps to that passage
07:20:13 [fsasaki]
.. the application can also do major scence detection
07:20:35 [fsasaki]
daniel: that is automatic speech recognition?
07:20:36 [fsasaki]
colm: yes
07:20:48 [fsasaki]
plh: how long does processing of a video take?
07:21:29 [fsasaki]
colm: 1:1, it is roughly a lot of plugins which run in paralell
07:22:05 [fsasaki]
.. and this is not a function of the resolution size
07:23:18 [fsasaki]
colm: video and transcript interaction is flash+javascript
07:23:48 [fsasaki]
colm: for text video alignment we use ctm
07:24:02 [fsasaki]
raphael: the metadata comes from the schema you showed?
07:24:04 [fsasaki]
colm: yes
07:24:38 [fsasaki]
.. we also can export the schema. CTM has (also) an XML serialization
07:25:02 [fsasaki]
silvia: the 5 top elements?
07:25:21 [fsasaki]
colm: datestring / date / summary / title / reference, plus content which can have whatever you want
07:26:15 [fsasaki]
.. e.g. media duration, media width, meida height, media format, media type string, embed tag
07:27:31 [fsasaki]
topic: presentation from raphael
07:27:57 [fsasaki]
looking at
07:29:23 [fsasaki]
raphael: ontology is not exactly like an object model
07:29:26 [fsasaki]
.. since you have inferences
07:29:44 [fsasaki]
.. e.g. if you have a new class in an ontology, you might get changes in the model, because of the OWL semantics
07:30:11 [fsasaki]
.. that is why you don't have "getter" and "setter" models for everything in the ontology, but different design patterns
07:30:36 [fsasaki]
.. there are examples of removing a property in the ontology
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07:31:05 [fsasaki]
.. you cannot remove the relation because after reclassification a class might appear again
07:31:14 [fsasaki]
.. an ontology has basic rules to be consistent
07:31:45 [fsasaki]
.. you apply these basic rules when you change the ontology to make sure that the ontology is consistent again
07:32:12 [fsasaki]
.. main design decisions of this API is to use the Command design pattern with a visitor pattern
07:33:05 [fsasaki]
.. so you do not have a get / set method, but a visitor pattern. If you make a change then that might influence the whole ontology
07:33:35 [fsasaki]
.. I will give some examples.
07:34:13 [Daniel]
07:34:27 [fsasaki]
.. imagine we have an ontology as the output of our group. Somebody wants to add metadata.
07:34:36 [Daniel]
07:35:13 [fsasaki]
.. dataFactory will give you individuals , from that you built the triples
07:35:45 [fsasaki]
.. AddAxioms might trigger more changes in the ontology model
07:36:08 [fsasaki]
veronique: so it is an API for changing ontologies, but it can also be used for querying instances
07:36:50 [fsasaki]
raphael: so in summary, you have inferences behind, and these make sure that the overall model is always consistent
07:37:38 [fsasaki]
colm: we have only one method, no set values
07:37:48 [fsasaki]
.. we have a giant search application, that's it
07:38:08 [fsasaki]
.. so what we have is a subportion of what people want to achieve here
07:38:23 [fsasaki]
plh: set capabilities are the second step
07:38:44 [fsasaki]
.. one of the target is an API for browsers, they are not interested in "set"
07:40:05 [fsasaki]
raphael: for authoring, you might need the set capability
07:40:14 [fsasaki]
plh: will show the demo of the use case I have in mind
07:41:35 [fsasaki]
.. in my service I have an URI as an input, from that RDF is generated
07:42:15 [fsasaki]
.. this uses an exif library, which generates the RDF.
07:42:23 [fsasaki]
.. it extracts all kinds of metadata (EXIF, XMP, ...)
07:42:58 [fsasaki]
present+ Thierry
07:43:56 [fsasaki]
rapahel: it is easy to embedd metadata in an image, but not easy with a video
07:44:02 [fsasaki]
.. what will our API do about that?
07:44:17 [fsasaki]
plh: that is where the ontology comes into play
07:44:35 [fsasaki]
.. I mean basically a set of terms
07:45:12 [fsasaki]
.. if we have have a set of terms like "getAuthor", the browser can see what format is available and can get the information
07:45:41 [fsasaki]
.. in this use case I assume that metadata is in the image itself
07:45:49 [fsasaki]
rapahel: for video that is much harder
07:46:47 [joakim]
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07:47:35 [fsasaki]
felix: we had an proposal to link to external media information from the <video> tag
07:47:58 [fsasaki]
plh: HTML people currently prefer to look only to media internal information
07:49:02 [fsasaki]
silvia: I heard that the external information will be discussed in a later step
07:49:31 [fsasaki]
.. we should not restrict us with these options
07:50:01 [fsasaki]
present+ larry
07:50:27 [fsasaki]
plh shows API example, very simple, getTitle, getAuthor, getRights,
07:50:53 [fsasaki]
silvia: we had in mind to have only one method with a query string, so that it is extensible
07:51:01 [fsasaki]
plh: at the end we need both
07:51:16 [fsasaki]
silvia: at the end we need to identify the property name
07:51:29 [fsasaki]
larry: or constants to identify the property name
07:52:43 [fsasaki]
silvia: yes
07:52:55 [fsasaki]
topic: Adobe discussion
07:53:04 [fsasaki]
larry: adobe is very interested in metadata
07:53:13 [fsasaki]
.. XMP is very important for us
07:53:34 [fsasaki]
.. XMP properties and media specific formats are being aligned, in a consortium called metadata working group
07:54:10 [fsasaki]
.. they have published a deliverable on photo so far, video is to come
07:54:33 [fsasaki]
.. they are concerned not so much on the web, but how to deal with metadata through production / assembly steps
07:55:02 [fsasaki]
.. e.g. when a product is assembled form various parts: how do you take care of the meta data
07:55:16 [fsasaki]
.. many people look only at the metadata of the final product
07:55:29 [fsasaki]
.. we are taking steps before into account, including transcoding
07:56:09 [fsasaki]
.. such capabilities are now being released as part of products which started shipping recently
07:56:45 [fsasaki]
.. there is a transition between metadata and data, e.g. chapter marks which become part of the data on the DVD
07:56:59 [fsasaki]
.. that is part of the processing changes, how to make the transition
07:57:17 [fsasaki]
.. some of the specs of the metadata working group, e.g. metadata for video spec, are not public
07:57:46 [fsasaki]
.. one level of the toolkit is public, additional utilities are not yet released, including some documentation
07:58:02 [fsasaki]
plh: did you work on XMP embedding in existing video formats?
07:58:37 [fsasaki]
larry: difference in video formats about whether you can add metadata or not
07:59:31 [fsasaki]
larry: there are issues like one product is aware of XMP, another one only of EXIF
07:59:45 [fsasaki]
.. the metadata WG has worked on how to deal with such "creative workflow" issue
08:00:16 [fsasaki]
silvia: we need to deal with both situations, final and "in process" metadata
08:00:52 [fsasaki]
larry: most metadata is a question of opinion
08:00:57 [fsasaki]
.. most opinions change
08:01:19 [fsasaki]
.. if you built semantic web way of metadata, keep in mind that provenance is here and might change
08:02:03 [fsasaki]
.. history of changing and provenance of metadata are matters of fact
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08:02:39 [nessy]
08:03:18 [fsasaki]
looking at XMP
08:03:44 [chaals]
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08:03:56 [chaals]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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08:05:30 [fsasaki]
larry: if you do external metadata you need to care about syncronization
08:06:33 [fsasaki]
.. the XMP version is new, tracks, frame rates, different kinds of annotation and markers were added
08:06:51 [herve]
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08:07:14 [fsasaki]
.. they also analyze other formats
08:07:43 [fsasaki]
felix: if XMP is available is , is it always the first choice in provenance?
08:08:17 [fsasaki]
larry: look at the metadata consortium deliverable, the conflict resolution mechanism
08:08:17 [FD]
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08:09:07 [fsasaki]
raphael: if there are two sources of metadata which contradict each other, should not the application decide?
08:09:19 [fsasaki]
larry: consumers do not want to decide, software should do that for them
08:09:51 [fsasaki]
.. results are heuristics, results might be different for authors vs. time stamps
08:10:05 [fsasaki]
.. a generic solution would still be complicated
08:10:25 [fsasaki]
.. issue of merging metadata from different sources is very difficult
08:10:32 [davy]
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08:10:41 [fsasaki]
.. seems to be more like a research project like a standards activity
08:11:29 [fsasaki]
larry: XMP has three parts: XMP model, some schemas which can be extended, and how metadata is embedded
08:11:39 [fsasaki]
.. if you want a standard ontology look at part two
08:11:48 [fsasaki]
.. most of the document is generic for any type of media
08:12:11 [fsasaki]
daniel: what is your opinion on our WG?
08:12:55 [fsasaki]
larrry: we support this activity, we encourage you to go ahead
08:13:03 [fsasaki]
.. we were not able to submit XMP so far
08:14:11 [fsasaki]
.. technically there should be no reason for you not to use XMP
08:15:27 [fsasaki]
felix: so we could just use part 2 of XMP here?
08:15:54 [fsasaki]
larry: yes, but I need to make sure
08:16:14 [fsasaki]
plh: need to be aware that XMP refers to various other formats like dublin core
08:16:38 [fsasaki]
larry: XMP takes various parts of dublin core
08:17:18 [fsasaki]
plh: one way would be to take the core of XMP part 2, use if for the ontology and the API, and we are done
08:17:35 [fsasaki]
larry: there is a c++ library for reading and manipulating XMP
08:17:44 [fsasaki]
.. there is also javascript API for working with API
08:17:53 [fsasaki]
.. and there is action script based separate model
08:18:07 [fsasaki]
.. so that you can built standalone applications
08:18:18 [fsasaki]
plh: you did not try to align XMP to other metadata?
08:18:30 [fsasaki]
larry: that is part of the metadata consortium work
08:18:36 [fsasaki]
.. and it is part of part 3 of XMP
08:19:00 [fsasaki]
silvia: still confused about legal side . Is XMP copyright by adobe or also metadata WG?
08:19:05 [fsasaki]
larry: not sure if that is a problem
08:19:17 [fsasaki]
.. for a W3C member submission
08:19:47 [fsasaki]
plh: with a member submission you give your copyright to W3C
08:20:00 [fsasaki]
.. we might ask Adobe to give up parts of part 2
08:20:45 [fsasaki]
.. W3C is not interested in all parts of XMP, e.g. "how to use XMP in flash"
08:21:15 [fsasaki]
.. so adobe has the problem that in that case XMP would need to be splitted across organizations
08:21:29 [fsasaki]
larry: you could make a normative reference to (parts of) XMP
08:21:50 [fsasaki]
.. I would not spend a lot of time on the license issue
08:23:19 [fsasaki]
present+ doug and chaals
08:23:25 [fsasaki]
topic: web aps discussion
08:23:44 [fsasaki]
doug: currently no standard for getting width and height in normal javascript APIs
08:23:59 [fsasaki]
.. I wanted an API for just that information
08:24:53 [fsasaki]
.. and have developed a spec for that
08:25:24 [fsasaki]
.. we want to be able to get at information, two kinds of metadata: intrinsic and extrinsic meta data
08:25:43 [fsasaki]
.. e.g. width and height is intrinsic, but the creator is extrinsic
08:26:07 [chaals] -> draft from end of last year
08:26:17 [fsasaki]
.. we need authors need this for inserting information in web pages or more complex information
08:26:35 [fsasaki]
.. having the browser vendors early on will allow very early feedback
08:26:38 [plh]
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08:26:51 [fsasaki]
.. otherwise browser vendors will not implement your work
08:27:05 [nessy]
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08:27:32 [fsasaki]
.. the draft above is a very generic way of getting any meta data
08:27:44 [fsasaki]
.. so just a method "getMetadata"
08:27:58 [fsasaki]
.. there should be some mapping between keywords
08:28:45 [fsasaki]
.. working on API and ontology is important
08:28:57 [fsasaki]
s/and /first and later/
08:29:12 [fsasaki]
larry: I think there is a real potential of mismatch in cross discussion
08:29:36 [fsasaki]
.. if you think intrinsic properties like width / height, vs. descriptitve information like transcription
08:29:46 [fsasaki]
.. I am not sure if the same API is useful for both
08:30:14 [fsasaki]
.. there is the problem of having different vocabularies, e.g. resolution in terms of width / heigth, versus ratio
08:30:35 [fsasaki]
.. media is updated independently of people who access it
08:30:50 [fsasaki]
doug: in terms of conflating intrinsic and extrinsic:
08:31:02 [fsasaki]
.. it is very different to say "who is the author?"
08:31:21 [fsasaki]
.. but if you make a generic API it does not matter what kind of information you have
08:31:57 [fsasaki]
.. the line between intrinsic and extrinsic is blurry, see e.g. EXIF information
08:32:57 [fsasaki]
felix: is the browser perspective brought in by MS in the metadata WG?
08:33:02 [fsasaki]
larry: not sure
08:34:24 [fsasaki]
discussion on how much the API should differentiate between various kinds of metadata
08:34:55 [fsasaki]
larry: usage of namespaces in XMP might be a problem for querying XMP metadata
08:35:33 [fsasaki]
doug: I was mainly concerned with a web browser API
08:35:50 [fsasaki]
larry: what are you use cases?
08:36:01 [fsasaki]
.. examples of web applications that want to use your API
08:36:37 [fsasaki]
doug: see flickr, it would be nice to put tags into a picture
08:37:07 [fsasaki]
.. if I have embedded captioning
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09:14:22 [fsasaki]
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09:24:29 [fsasaki]
topic: PLING joint meeting
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09:25:46 [fsasaki]
renato presents PLING
09:25:47 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate fsasaki
09:31:23 [fsasaki]
Felix: currently we are considering having just a slot for expressing rights
09:35:06 [fsasaki]
renato: understand, when you need some more information about policies in your framework, please come back to us. We are looking at general frameworks for policy languages
09:35:36 [fsasaki]
rigo: if you want to describe "who has already seen this?" you might run into policy issues which are addressed by PLING
09:36:47 [fsasaki]
.. you (media annotations WG) provides answers on "how is meta data attached to video?", PLING is concerned with the question "how to attach policy information?"
09:37:37 [fsasaki]
.. we created PLING because many companies do not know how to use various languages together
09:41:32 [fsasaki]
.. in the outcome of the media annotation WG we need a way to use an URI to reference to a policy description
09:42:15 [fsasaki]
looking at rights management schema from XMP
09:42:22 [fsasaki]
XMP spec, page 31
09:45:40 [fsasaki]
raphael: why two field for machine readable and human readable fields?
09:48:04 [fsasaki]
.. the user agent can choose to follow the link and choose what he wants
09:48:56 [fsasaki]
rigo: two options: have a type argument with the content type, or two fields
09:51:44 [fsasaki]
jan: you need to give the author the freedom which choose
09:52:15 [davy]
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09:52:48 [fsasaki]
.. you want to be able to attach rights to e.g. media you are distributing
10:00:51 [fsasaki]
discussion on wheter a mechanism specifically for attaching a policy to medias needs to introduced or not
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10:06:55 [Zakim]
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10:29:28 [plh]
10:33:22 [Zakim]
10:33:23 [Zakim]
10:33:23 [Zakim]
10:33:34 [tobiasbuerger]
Zakim, ??P1 is me
10:33:34 [Zakim]
+tobiasbuerger; got it
11:37:37 [Zakim]
11:37:41 [Zakim]
11:37:48 [Zakim]
11:37:52 [Zakim]
11:43:13 [fsasaki]
topic: requirements doc
11:43:15 [fsasaki]
11:44:07 [fsasaki]
raphael: what is the main interest of Samsung?
11:44:36 [fsasaki]
daniel: technically several interests
11:44:52 [fsasaki]
.. resolution for watching web videos on TV is no good
11:45:08 [fsasaki]
.. comparing PC and laptop, TV has no good interaction between user and TV
11:45:22 [fsasaki]
.. no scrolling or mouse
11:45:44 [fsasaki]
.. so the question is how to make the video on the web useful for TV
11:46:05 [fsasaki]
.. we think about a video recommendation system
11:46:23 [fsasaki]
.. that can help users to find videos
11:46:41 [fsasaki]
.. having a common ontology will help search and recommendation
11:46:49 [wonsuk]
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11:48:00 [fsasaki]
.. we are used to have a bookmark tool on the TV. But having an URI based mechanism (from the fragment WG) will be helpful for us
11:49:08 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: requirements doc is not finished yet
11:49:15 [fsasaki]
.. mainly basic sceleton of the document
11:49:25 [fsasaki]
.. as result of yesterdays discussion
11:49:52 [fsasaki]
wonsuk describes the document
11:52:35 [Daniel]
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11:52:50 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: how to link between sec. 2 and sec. 3?
11:54:04 [fsasaki]
veronique: sec. 3 can contain tables with links to use cases
11:54:16 [fsasaki]
s/to use cases/to sec. 2/
11:54:26 [fsasaki]
s/sec. 3/subsections of sec. 3/
11:58:17 [fsasaki]
schedule plan: veronique will edit the document, will send it around within the WG for another internal review
11:59:28 [fsasaki]
12:00:31 [Daniel]
before official publication, working group will have recurculation process for reviewing and modifying the existing document. 2 weeks or a bit longer
12:01:15 [fsasaki]
felix will send XML later to veronique
12:02:28 [fsasaki]
action: Felix to get CVS accounts for veronique and wonsuk
12:02:28 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-24 - Get CVS accounts for veronique and wonsuk [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-10-31].
12:07:50 [Daniel]
requirements section willl be subsection of each use case section. e.g., Video Use Case (Req1, Req2, Req3, etc...)
12:09:38 [Daniel]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:09:54 [fsasaki]
12:16:44 [plh]
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12:17:13 [plh]
ACTION: Felix to review XMP basic schema
12:17:13 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-25 - Review XMP basic schema [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-10-31].
12:17:35 [plh]
ACTION: Thierry to review XMP Dublin Core schema
12:17:35 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-26 - Review XMP Dublin Core schema [on Thierry Michel - due 2008-10-31].
12:18:03 [plh]
ACTION: Felix to review XMP Rights Management schema
12:18:03 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-27 - Review XMP Rights Management schema [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-10-31].
12:18:23 [plh]
ACTION: Veronique to review XMP Media Management schema
12:18:23 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - Veronique
12:18:33 [plh]
trackbot-ng, status
12:18:46 [plh]
ACTION: Véronique to review XMP Media Management schema
12:18:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-28 - Review XMP Media Management schema [on Véronique Malaisé - due 2008-10-31].
12:19:46 [fsasaki]
fsasaki has joined #mediaann
12:22:21 [plh]
ACTION: Felix to tell Wonsuk to review XMP Basic Job Ticket schema and Paged-Text schema
12:22:22 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-29 - Tell Wonsuk to review XMP Basic Job Ticket schema and Paged-Text schema [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-10-31].
12:22:49 [fsasaki]
action: wonsuk to review XMP Basic Job Ticket schema and Paged-Text schema
12:22:49 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - wonsuk
12:23:16 [plh]
trackbot-ng, reload
12:23:33 [plh]
trackbot-ng, status
12:27:27 [jun]
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12:27:35 [plh]
ACTION: Joakim to review XMP Dynamic Media schema
12:27:35 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-30 - Review XMP Dynamic Media schema [on Joakim Söderberg - due 2008-10-31].
12:30:38 [fsasaki]
topic: liaisons
12:31:30 [fsasaki]
raphael: tom baker should be the person to contact
12:31:43 [fsasaki]
action: Felix to contact tom baker about dc liaison
12:31:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-31 - Contact tom baker about dc liaison [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-10-31].
12:32:12 [raphael]
Dublin Core draft:
12:33:21 [fabiop]
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12:35:03 [fsasaki]
action: Daniel to make a liaison with MPEG using information from the XP homepage
12:35:03 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - Daniel
12:35:26 [Daniel]
12:35:35 [fsasaki]
action: Soohong to make a liaison with MPEG using information from the XP homepage
12:35:35 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-32 - Make a liaison with MPEG using information from the XP homepage [on Soohong Daniel Park - due 2008-10-31].
12:35:51 [raphael]
XG MPEG Liaison document:
12:36:10 [raphael]
More generally, go to
12:38:46 [fsasaki]
raphael: for IPTC, they are following our work, we will get informal comments
12:39:37 [joakim]
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12:39:43 [fsasaki]
EBU covered by Jean-Pierre
12:40:16 [fsasaki]
action: Felix to evaluate if contact to IPTV Japan is valuable
12:40:16 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-33 - Evaluate if contact to IPTV Japan is valuable [on Felix Sasaki - due 2008-10-31].
12:42:13 [fsasaki]
action: Soohong to contact Open IPTV forum
12:42:13 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-34 - Contact Open IPTV forum [on Soohong Daniel Park - due 2008-10-31].
12:43:53 [fsasaki]
action: Joakim to check contacts to OMA
12:43:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-35 - Check contacts to OMA [on Joakim Söderberg - due 2008-10-31].
12:43:57 [ns]
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12:44:37 [erik]
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12:44:57 [fsasaki]
topic: check issues
12:44:59 [fsasaki]
12:47:56 [Kangchan]
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12:51:26 [fsasaki]
topic: check action items
12:51:28 [fsasaki]
12:51:39 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-16
12:51:39 [trackbot]
ACTION-16 Confirm that there should be a presentation about IMM closed
12:51:42 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-18
12:51:42 [trackbot]
ACTION-18 And others to elaborate on the top-down approach about use case closed
12:51:43 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-19
12:51:43 [trackbot]
ACTION-19 And others to look on the draft agenda for the TPAC meeting closed
12:51:52 [jun]
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12:54:03 [fsasaki]
12:57:27 [Daniel]
rrsagent, draft minutes
12:57:27 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Daniel
12:58:16 [tobiasbuerger]
See you! Bye!
12:58:50 [Zakim]
12:58:55 [Zakim]
12:58:56 [Zakim]
IA_MAWG()3:00AM has ended
12:58:57 [Zakim]
Attendees were Azur, tobias, tobiasbuerger, Azur.a
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14:06:45 [fsasaki]
rrsagent, bye
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
I see 15 open action items saved in :
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Felix to get CVS accounts for veronique and wonsuk [1]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
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14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Felix to review XMP basic schema [2]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Thierry to review XMP Dublin Core schema [3]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
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14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Felix to review XMP Rights Management schema [4]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Veronique to review XMP Media Management schema [5]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Véronique to review XMP Media Management schema [6]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Felix to tell Wonsuk to review XMP Basic Job Ticket schema and Paged-Text schema [7]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: wonsuk to review XMP Basic Job Ticket schema and Paged-Text schema [8]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Joakim to review XMP Dynamic Media schema [9]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Felix to contact tom baker about dc liaison [10]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Daniel to make a liaison with MPEG using information from the XP homepage [11]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Soohong to make a liaison with MPEG using information from the XP homepage [12]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Felix to evaluate if contact to IPTV Japan is valuable [13]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Soohong to contact Open IPTV forum [14]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Joakim to check contacts to OMA [15]
14:06:45 [RRSAgent]
recorded in