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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 15 July 2008
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Hi folks
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Hi Chris!
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I'm still sorting out a phone here (my regular phone line is out of order)
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Zakim, who is noisy?
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ed_, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: aemmons (42%), anthony (5%)
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Scribe: anthony
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Chair: Andrew Emmons
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Regrets: None
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Topic: Test Fest
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11:34:01 [anthony]
ACTION: anthony to Check the test report generation script to ensure data is not discarded when a revision number miss match occurs with a test
11:34:01 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2098 - Check the test report generation script to ensure data is not discarded when a revision number miss match occurs with a test [on Anthony Grasso - due 2008-07-22].
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11:40:41 [aemmons]
11:40:46 [anthony]
[Discussion about organisation]
11:40:50 [Zakim]
11:41:07 [anthony]
Topic: Two progressive rendering questions
11:41:21 [anthony]
CM: It's really just a couple of questions to clarify things for me
11:41:33 [anthony]
... I was reading through the section for the script thing
11:42:03 [anthony]
... question is a bit long
11:42:12 [anthony]
... so I don't mind if people reply to that offline
11:42:19 [anthony]
AE: I wouldn't mind some more time to go over that
11:42:21 [anthony]
DS: Same
11:42:24 [anthony]
CM: That's fine
11:42:51 [ChrisL]
11:42:52 [aemmons]
11:43:00 [anthony]
Topic: Mistakes in the attribute index appendix (ISSUE-2005)
11:43:27 [anthony]
CM: So I noticed there a number of incorrect entries in that
11:43:36 [anthony]
... I thought it was automatically generated
11:43:42 [anthony]
CL: I think so
11:44:00 [anthony]
CM: A couple of things that were confused because of the scripts that generated it
11:44:14 [anthony]
... minor mistakes
11:44:21 [anthony]
CL: So I'd like a little bit of time to check this
11:44:28 [anthony]
... I suspect it's probably reasonable
11:44:50 [anthony]
... the reason I'm slightly hesitant is on font family I think it should have the value all
11:44:59 [anthony]
... and when I look at the proposed errata
11:45:16 [anthony]
CM: That's what's actually published
11:45:38 [anthony]
CL: So the ones on font face
11:45:50 [anthony]
... shouldn't they include the value all?
11:45:56 [anthony]
CM: I copied those out of the DTD
11:46:06 [anthony]
CL: I'd have to go over those before accepting them
11:46:13 [anthony]
... in general it looks good
11:46:38 [anthony]
ACTION: Chris to review the corrections to the mistakes in the attribute index and report back
11:46:38 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2099 - Review the corrections to the mistakes in the attribute index and report back [on Chris Lilley - due 2008-07-22].
11:47:03 [anthony]
CL: I'll see if I can get that done by next Tuesday
11:48:37 [aemmons]
11:48:46 [anthony]
Topic: Testing animation of empty string values (ISSUE-2010)
11:49:18 [anthony]
CM: Test has a semicolon at the end of a value for animation
11:49:23 [anthony]
... some implementations accept it
11:49:30 [anthony]
... Bitflash is one of them
11:49:42 [anthony]
AE: Up until a few months ago we disallowed it
11:49:49 [anthony]
... but we got complaints
11:50:01 [anthony]
... that content was being generated with it like that
11:50:44 [anthony]
CL: Having a semicolon at the end of the list is fine if it is always required
11:50:56 [anthony]
... is there are final blank entry
11:51:00 [anthony]
... and does it matter
11:52:26 [anthony]
CM: I think this is an important thing to specify
11:52:37 [anthony]
... if there are going to be empty string
11:52:46 [anthony]
... so you can see I got varied results
11:52:57 [anthony]
... with empty string in the middle and at the end
11:54:08 [anthony]
CL: If it doesn't introduce an ambiguity I'd be fine with changing it
11:54:13 [anthony]
... but if it does we need to think about it more
11:54:23 [anthony]
ED: I'm wondering if it can escape string values
11:54:34 [anthony]
... or escape it somehow with like a backslash
11:54:56 [anthony]
CM: So somethings are escaping for specific attribute types
11:55:08 [anthony]
... rather than a general escaping mechanism
11:55:19 [anthony]
... so there is a similar problem in there
11:55:40 [anthony]
... if you have a URL with a semicolon
11:55:56 [anthony]
... would have to percent escape it
11:56:09 [anthony]
... one thing you could say if you want an empty string is that
11:56:15 [anthony]
... you have a "#" there
11:56:19 [anthony]
... because it's the same
11:56:30 [anthony]
... or say there are two semicolons at the end
11:56:50 [anthony]
... and the last one is an optional termination
11:57:17 [anthony]
AE: I'm happy with that
11:57:28 [anthony]
... have empty values
11:57:35 [anthony]
... with the last one ignored
11:59:34 [anthony]
ACTION: Cameron to reword the animation values such that a final semicolon is ignored
11:59:35 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2100 - Reword the animation values such that a final semicolon is ignored [on Cameron McCormack - due 2008-07-22].
11:59:59 [anthony]
DS: Are we changing something we use or are we changing something in SMIL?
12:00:19 [anthony]
CM: We change what SMIL says but it will make us slightly divergent
12:00:32 [anthony]
AE: Aren't there places like that already?
12:00:50 [anthony]
... I think we already have the wording in there for SMIL
12:00:58 [anthony]
... [Reads out spec]
12:01:12 [anthony]
... So in there we can say this is our SVG specif rule
12:02:21 [ed_]
12:03:25 [Zakim]
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12:03:26 [Zakim]
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12:03:29 [Zakim]
12:04:35 [anthony]
Zakim, bye
12:04:35 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees were aemmons, ed_, anthony, heycam, Doug_Schepers, ChrisL
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15:02:25 [ed_work]
hmm... so 1.1 doesn't really define if xlink:href is animatable on a script element