RDB2RDF Telcon

11 Jul 2008

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<dpalmisano> 'm in, good evening to all

<Ashok> scrinenick: Andrew

No call July 18

2. Appointment of minute taker


4. XG Logistics

12 people said the could attend F2F meeting Oct. 31

Ashok recommends F2F Oct. 30, 31

no objections heard

Andrew asks for some teleconference arrangements when the time comes

Wolfgang: details in a couple of weeks

XG Vacation?

10 said "yes"

<CGI352> [Microsoft] is satya sahoo

<AxelPolleres> Is that enough run-ahead to get the f2f organized?

Ashok recommends 4 weeks off starting with Aug. 8, resuming Sept. 5

Ashok will let us know about meeting on Aug. 1

<AxelPolleres> ok, fine.

3. Approve minutes of June 27, 2008 meeting



7. Comments on XG Deliverables?


We will discuss this in the future

8. Presentation by Juan Sequeda



Ashok: How is survey different from our wiki?

Juan: specific to direct mapping
... Hopefully ready by end of Auguist

<Ashok> Completeness --> does it cover all pk/fk combinations

<Ashok> Userinput -> naming relationships, inheritance

user has someinput to the "generate" operation on slide 8

This approach is the same as RDB2Onto

Concern raised that this does not generate a "quality" ontology

Juan agrees, problem shifted to the creation of a higher-level domain ontology

Ashok: What is the status of this work?

Juan: Will create generator of direct mapping.
... Access to database via the mapping has not yet been done.
... Transformation rules written in first order logic

<jsequeda> http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~jsequeda/pub/sql2sw.pdf

Juan will send us a link with these rules

<Ashok> The link is above

Juan will update our wiki pages

9. Future presentations

- - Li Ma on IBM work July 25

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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