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Meeting: Joint TAG and XRI TC
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zakim, this will be tag
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ok, Stuart; I see TAG_Weekly()1:00PM scheduled to start in 2 minutes
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see no one
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zakim, what is the code?
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the conference code is 0824 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), fhirsch
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On the phone I see Stuart, Will, Ashok_Malhotra
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It does queue management, can mute folks, etc.
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JeffH, what area code are you calling in from?
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571 i think
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zakim, who is here?
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scribenick Ashok
17:09:42 [Drummond_Reed]
BTW, the page Peter will be speaking to in a minute is
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17:10:15 [Ashok]
Stuart outlines objectives of the call
17:10:33 [Ashok]
Drummond: Peter will co-chair the call
17:11:02 [ht]
A reminder to our guests that we take minutes in IRC, and the IRC logs will be public in an hour or two, so bear that in mind
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17:12:07 [Ashok]
Peter: This initial call shd be a discovery process that will start a productive dialog
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17:13:18 [Ashok]
Stuart: We take notes on IRC. The minutes are public. I will run the minutes by the chair of the XRI TC before publishing
17:14:26 [Ashok]
17:15:55 [Ashok]
ht: The bar for introducing new URI schems shd be very high and I think XRI does not get over the bar but lets discuss
17:16:56 [Ashok]
jar: We are looking for URIs for data integration ...
17:18:34 [Ashok]
Drummond: Lack of discussion seems to have led to a number on misunderstandings on both sides ... I hope we can clear those up
17:20:22 [timbl]
"Global Registry" ? pointer?
17:20:43 [Zakim]
17:20:50 [JeffH]
I may have been pegged as IPcaller
17:21:44 [Drummond_Reed]
XRI global registry services are provided by ( - Cordance and NeuStar are contractors to
17:22:24 [Ashok]
Frederick is that you?
17:22:25 [timbl]
Ashok, are you capturing these intros somewhere?
17:22:41 [Ashok]
no, I was not ... only the high points
17:23:16 [Ashok]
Jamie: Looks forward to better colaboration between OASIS and W3C
17:23:53 [ht]
q+ for question of clarification wrt the IPR issue
17:24:09 [ht]
q+ to ask for question of clarification wrt the IPR issue
17:24:56 [Ashok]
fhirsch: I'm with Nokai and also on the OASIS board. I am interested in how all this works out
17:24:57 [GabeW]
it would be great to have fhirsch here
17:25:35 [Ashok]
Stuart: Frederick, I'm happy nto have you stay. Our records are public
17:25:36 [peterdavis]
XRI TC is fine with Fredericks attendance
17:26:04 [fhirsch]
17:26:24 [timbl]
Paul Trevithick (sp?) -- started teh Higgins project, unifying objects a cross a glbal graph.
17:26:53 [Ashok]
Paul Trevithick ... started Higgins project which has to do with identifying objects over a global graph
17:27:44 [Ashok]
DaveO: Tah member... belives in using exiting technogies where possible but I'm open ...
17:27:59 [Ashok]
17:29:42 [Zakim]
17:29:42 [ht]
q- ht
17:30:13 [Ashok]
Sturat: Peter, please summarize where XRI TC is
17:30:28 [Ashok]
Peter: We will do some TAG teaming on this
17:30:30 [Drummond_Reed]
Peter will be speaking to a page on the XRI TC wiki:
17:31:06 [Ashok]
Peter: I have 4 sub-tems on the intro
17:31:26 [Ashok]
What the problems the XRI TC expects to solve ... usecases
17:31:47 [Ashok]
Conclusions we came to ... URis were not quite sufficeint to address these
17:32:04 [Ashok]
How the XRI commitee drafts solev these
17:32:10 [Ashok]
IPR issues
17:32:48 [Ashok]
Problems we are aiming to solve
17:33:33 [timbl]
"feasibility of URIs w r t to authority production" ?
17:33:40 [Ashok]
1. Canniot be dependent on any transport or protocol or authority
17:34:07 [Ashok]
TinBl asks clarification on authority part
17:34:27 [Ashok]
Peter: Did not want to be dependent on any authority
17:34:59 [Ashok]
2. Independence of any characteristic of resource that may change over time
17:35:15 [jbradley_ve7jtb]
FYI I was dropped by the bridge and can't get back in because it is full.
17:35:49 [jbradley_ve7jtb]
I will stay on IRC
17:35:56 [peterdavis]
Enables cross-mapping of multiple abstract or concrete identifiers for the same resource
17:36:19 [timbl]
The TC had a requirment to craete multiple synonym IDs which could be canonicalized into one canonical ID.
17:36:25 [Ashok]
This gets at the issue of synonms
17:36:35 [timbl]
-- timbl's understnading if what was said
17:36:56 [Drummond_Reed]
clarification: it is not a requirement that the synonyms *must* be canonicalized into one, just that this is an option
17:37:05 [Ashok]
4. can map any number of concrete identifiers into a service ... such as SOAP service
17:37:39 [Ashok]
We have a small number of services types that can be used with XRIs
17:38:00 [Drummond_Reed]
@Stuart, it's okay - we don't need to disturb the call
17:38:06 [Ashok]
SOAP, or XML get or a more complex service
17:38:21 [Ashok]
TimBL: These are to resolve references
17:38:59 [Ashok]
Peter: No, can point to specific service such as UDDI
17:39:11 [ht]
John Bradley: dial *0 when you are told you can't get in
17:39:24 [ht]
and ask Josh to patch you in manually
17:40:07 [jbradley_ve7jtb]
17:40:28 [Ashok]
Drummond: These are captured on the page above
17:40:42 [Stuart]
17:40:46 [Ashok]
I think of XRI as abstraction layer on URIs
17:40:57 [Zakim]
17:41:31 [Ashok]
Peter: Another requirement is Cross context identifiers
17:41:53 [Zakim]
17:41:57 [Ashok]
So, one identifier can refernce another identifier in another scheme
17:42:32 [Ashok]
Peter: Marty provides examples in Boeing usecases
17:43:13 [Ashok]
Marty: In a directory situation, looking up a authenticated identifier and looking up it's properties
17:43:14 [Zakim]
17:43:42 [Ashok]
e.g. X509 identifiers, ... SAML assertions.
17:43:51 [Zakim]
17:44:07 [Ashok]
Lot of internal apps look up things based on employee number
17:44:58 [Ashok]
XRI can help describe identifier and then point to matching rules
17:45:13 [Drummond_Reed]
sorry, I got dropped due to operator error (my own)
17:45:18 [Drummond_Reed]
am back
17:46:37 [Ashok]
Stuart: please explain this XRI
17:46:42 [Stuart]
17:47:00 [GabeW]
I'd note, btw, that this mailto: URI is not my actual email address...
17:47:18 [JeffH]
i.e. this is just an example?
17:47:22 [GabeW]
which is an accident
17:47:34 [Ashok]
Peter/; in fronnt is a cross reference. The = global context symbol. There are 4
17:47:37 [DanC]
"=" is xri syntax meaning "the authority is an individual" <- that's what I understood
17:47:51 [peterdavis]
ashok, drummond is speaking, FWIW
17:47:54 [Ashok]
Says it's personal
17:48:00 [timbl]
"Global context symbol -- there are 4 = person , + general,. @ orgamization $ standards body
17:48:06 [timbl]
17:48:56 [timbl]
/ is global context and / is a authority -local context
17:49:04 [timbl]
... // is global context and / is a authority -local context
17:49:55 [Ashok]
In native form you don't need xri:
17:49:58 [Drummond_Reed]
XRI syntax defines four global context symbols for establishing shared context for an identifier
17:50:05 [Drummond_Reed]
= for personal identifiers
17:50:19 [Drummond_Reed]
@ for organizational identifiers
17:50:41 [Norm]
So xri://= means it's a person, xri://@ means it's an organization, etc.?
17:50:52 [timbl]
Norm, yes I tink so
17:51:20 [Ashok]
Cross context works at any level of the path
17:51:20 [DanC]
don't think so, Norm; I gather xri://=("> is notation for ; i.e. it refers to a mailbox, not a person.
17:51:20 [GabeW]
Norm: yes
17:51:31 [peterdavis]
xri://@boeing*(@example*bob) is form Boeing use case
17:51:47 [DanC]
oops; looks like I misunderstood.
17:51:48 [GabeW]
DanC: the stuff inside the () is just a string -- but it can be extracted mechanically as a URI
17:51:48 [peterdavis]
perhaps a better subject for dicusion
17:51:51 [Ashok]
Marty: It will be the example about multipl identity providers for a single entity
17:52:29 [Stuart]
GabeW: is it nor more restrict down to being another XRI?
17:53:02 [Drummond_Reed]
actually, Dan's point is a very good one:"> is an identifier of a mailbox, while xri://=( can be an identifier of the person using that mailbox
17:53:10 [Ashok]
Stuart: Do you want to go back to top-level of the summary
17:53:23 [DanC]
can be?
17:53:42 [Ashok]
Peter: We discussed looking at URis and we thought a new identifier sysntax was necessary
17:54:04 [Drummond_Reed]
I say "can be" because the assertion is that the authority for that identifier is a person
17:54:42 [Ashok]
1. A uri is either local or requires a DNS. DNs may not be always right authority. E.g telephone number does not use DNS.
17:54:58 [Norm]
So an XRI for a telephone number would include an authority component?
17:55:08 [timbl]
17:55:20 [Ashok]
TimBL: Telephone numbers have a hierarchical pattern to them
17:55:29 [timbl]
That would have been fine use of punct
17:56:19 [Ashok]
Peter: It does have a delegation pattern look to it
17:56:38 [Ashok]
But some identifiers do not have delgation properties to them
17:57:34 [Ashok]
2. This notion of crossreferencing is not possible ... embedding identifiers is important to us
17:57:58 [Ashok]
3. synonm support -- we did not find a model for synonms
17:58:22 [DanC]
(the pattern of "http doesn't have X so we can't use http" seems to skip past the possibility of layering X on top of http. e.g. synonyms; RDF/OWL layers synonyms on top of http (and other) URIs )
17:58:37 [Ashok]
4. Notion of interop service discovery ... UDDI, ebXML discussion
17:59:12 [Ashok]
http schems could probably fulfil this with careful instructions
17:59:28 [Stuart]
17:59:54 [Ashok]
Drummond: IPR concerns were brought up in contect of XRI vote
18:00:06 [Ashok]
We have noted concerns on the page
18:01:08 [Ashok]
Requirement that IPR be RF ...
18:03:13 [Ashok]
Jamie: 3 things ...I'm not sure which are TAGs concern
18:05:21 [Ashok]
I don't think the IPR issues were core of the TAGs critiques
18:05:24 [MartySchleiff]
Norm - look for 'express" in the Boeing XRI use cases
18:05:42 [Ashok]
Sorry ... I had trouble getting the IPR points ...
18:06:14 [timbl]
I think that people on the net checked wondered about the reason for starting a new naming scheme and look for commercial motivation.
18:06:23 [Ashok]
ht: We had questins abt registration and mangement process
18:07:01 [Ashok]
TimBL: The TAGs concerns is architectural... competion with URI space
18:07:15 [Ashok]
What's the motivation?
18:07:43 [Ashok]
Historically, the motivation has been commercial
18:08:03 [Ashok]
People have been asking on the net
18:08:19 [Ashok]
HT articulates TAG's position
18:09:48 [Ashok]
Gloss on the single sentence ... TAGs reading is understand, document and prserve the value proposition of the architecture of the Web
18:10:12 [Ashok]
Centrality if the Web being a single information space.
18:10:24 [dorchard]
dorchard has joined #tagmem
18:10:28 [Ashok]
18:10:49 [Ashok]
This hugely important in keeping the Web valuable
18:11:05 [JeffH]
on which list was this said, HT ?
18:11:23 [Ashok]
It's not the other schema split the info space but they Balkanize it
18:11:36 [Ashok]
18:11:57 [Ashok]
Thus, bar on new identifier schemes must be very high
18:12:37 [Ashok]
Yiou need to demo there is a bar for URIs doing what you want or there is a huge value add
18:12:54 [Ashok]
Convenience is not enough
18:13:16 [Stuart]
18:13:31 [Ashok]
many types of naming schemes amoit to lookup + hierarchy
18:14:02 [Ashok]
Existing mechanisms have solved a bunch of problems
18:14:37 [Ashok]
reinventing all that has a huge cost -- both technical and social
18:15:18 [Ashok]
We have not heard convincing arguments that XRI provides enough value add to overcome that cost
18:15:53 [Ashok]
I will give you all your requirements and still say the cost of fragmenting the info space is too high
18:16:23 [Ashok]
Cost to a naming scheme no one can click on and follow
18:17:03 [Ashok]
Any new naming scheme require a huge amount of work from a lot of folks to get into the game
18:17:07 [dorchard]
The Mark Baker email about fragmented information space is
18:17:25 [MartySchleiff]
Henry - did you read my response to your misrepresentation of how things work at Boeing?
18:17:40 [ht]
Yes, and I'm glad to hear that things are more flexible than I thought
18:17:50 [ht]
I know of many other large organisations that don't have that flexibility
18:17:58 [Ashok]
Stuart: Let's allow 10 minutes of discussion and get to next steps in last 5 minutes
18:18:00 [timbl]
18:18:03 [timbl]
18:18:26 [peterdavis]
18:18:34 [Stuart]
ack peter
18:18:35 [MartySchleiff]
18:18:47 [Drummond_Reed]
18:19:01 [Ashok]
Peter: We do not want to fragment the info space
18:19:25 [Ashok]
There are several facets to XRI naming structure that we may or may not have articulated
18:20:25 [Ashok]
We did not find ways to represent embedded idenfiers within URI BNF
18:21:02 [timbl]
The political requirement to make a different authority to IANA was mentioned earlier
18:21:11 [Ashok]
Many of our identifiers use DNs some do not. We need to figure out which do and do not
18:21:11 [Stuart]
18:21:17 [Stuart]
ack Marty
18:22:07 [ht]
HST thinks that addressing the "http scheme did not allow us to to use non-DNS authority resolution" is a very concrete challenge that we could focus on
18:22:15 [Drummond_Reed]
Yes, and in fact XRI proxy resolution -- which uses XRIs in HTTP URI form -- does that
18:22:16 [Ashok]
Marty: Boing usecases do not talk abt click behaviour or what the browser is supposed to do
18:22:29 [Ashok]
18:22:45 [GabeW]
in fact,<xristuff> is how xri's are largely being resolved today
18:22:49 [Stuart]
18:22:49 [DanC]
(hmm... where does the requirement to use non-DNS authorities come from? that sounds more like a solution than a requirement. Indeed, why doesn't work?)
18:22:55 [Stuart]
ack Drummond
18:23:00 [dorchard]
q+ to talk about protocol independence and metadata in URIs
18:23:11 [Ashok]
The cost of introducing all new fetures into URI would be more than introducing a new scheme
18:23:34 [Ashok]
Drummond: Intention is not to fragment the info space
18:24:55 [Ashok]
Our requirements were not URI compatible ... we tried and defined mapping from XRI to URI and IRI normal forms
18:25:01 [dorchard]
18:25:11 [Stuart]
There's a relevant message from Roy Fielding at:
18:25:30 [Ashok]
The cross reference requirement has grown in important ... primarily to data sharing
18:25:41 [Ashok]
the XDI TC is looking into that
18:25:51 [peterdavis]
danc, because, in part, identifiers are produced in many spaces, not just atop the Internet Protocol
18:25:54 [DanC]
(embedding URIs inside other URIs doesn't require a new scheme. every forms-based service that asks users to input a URI does it, e.g. the W3C markup validation service.)
18:26:01 [Stuart]
he says (amongst other things): "... Because http URIs are not,
18:26:01 [Stuart]
in fact, dependent on DNS.
18:26:01 [Stuart]
18:26:08 [MartySchleiff]
Ashok - The cost of introducing all new fetures into http: would be more than introducing a new scheme
18:26:14 [Stuart]
18:26:32 [peterdavis]
peterdavis has joined #tagmem
18:26:45 [dorchard]
Really, it has far more to do with a basic misunderstanding of
18:26:45 [dorchard]
web architecture, namely that you have to use HTTP to get a
18:26:45 [dorchard]
representation of an "http" named resource.
18:27:06 [Stuart]
ack dor
18:27:06 [Zakim]
dorchard, you wanted to talk about protocol independence and metadata in URIs
18:27:11 [Ashok]
We want to create compatibility with info space while adding a branch that adds value
18:27:17 [Stuart]
q+ jamie
18:27:46 [peterdavis_]
peterdavis_ has joined #tagmem
18:27:56 [DanC]
peterdavis, no Internet Protocol operations are needed to mint an identifier that starts with
18:28:21 [Ashok]
DaveO: Yiu say you don't want to fragment info space but it sure looks like it
18:28:54 [Ashok]
You dupicate a number of URI infrastructure
18:29:03 [MartySchleiff]
18:29:23 [Ashok]
What's the killer app for XRI's?
18:30:15 [Stuart]
zakim, please close the queue.
18:30:15 [Zakim]
ok, Stuart, the speaker queue is closed
18:30:29 [Ashok]
We could say "XRIs will be URIs" and this meets some of our requirements but not all
18:31:11 [Ashok]
DaveO: An early claim was 'we need XRIs to prevent phishing attacks'
18:33:07 [Ashok]
Web Services have fragmented the info space and this has caused great grief
18:33:44 [Ashok]
Web Services have carved out a small space ... this has restricted their growth
18:33:59 [Ashok]
I don't want to see that happening again
18:34:26 [GabeW]
thats an issue I'm personally interested in, fwiw
18:34:27 [Zakim]
18:34:40 [Ashok]
Roy says http identifiers do not have to be bound to http
18:34:54 [Norm]
They sure don't.
18:35:44 [Ashok]
XRI coud use a URI template to restrict space for special uses
18:35:52 [timbl]
18:36:23 [timbl]
18:36:25 [Stuart]
ack jamie
18:37:00 [Ashok]
Jamie: The list of concerns tells me we need more conversation
18:37:14 [Ashok]
should continue
18:37:57 [Stuart]
18:38:06 [Ashok]
Visceral response from OASIS -- we shd reply to critique
18:38:59 [Ashok]
Some of the OASIS community comes from a different perspective re. single info space
18:39:00 [Stuart]
ack Marty
18:39:32 [Ashok]
We need to discuss which XRI requirements could be satisfied by URI schemes
18:39:38 [ht]
Jamie == James Bryce Clark ?
18:39:52 [peterdavis_]
18:40:05 [Ashok]
Stuart: Summer is looming may be hard to schedule calls
18:40:23 [Ashok]
Please use public mailing lists for technical discussion
18:40:33 [ht]
HST votes for non-DNS authority as really central, and easiest to explore
18:40:44 [Ashok]
Perhaps we need more focussed calls on some of Peters items
18:41:51 [Ashok]
Peter: I agree on exploring single requirements
18:41:53 [ht]
HST hopes that we stay on www-tag or somewhere similar -- we need more expertise than we have in this small group. . .
18:42:22 [Ashok]
Drummond: Subgroups may be an efficient way to proceed
18:42:50 [peterdavis_]
i agree ht. just challenging to follow this topic independent of the other topics on www-tag
18:42:55 [Ashok]
Stuart: Let's go back and think abt subgoups
18:43:08 [Ashok]
Drummond: We can also do f2f meetings
18:43:32 [MartySchleiff]
18:43:33 [GabeW]
thanks all!
18:43:35 [jar]
jar has joined #tagmem
18:43:43 [GabeW]
see some of you on #swig
18:43:47 [Zakim]
18:43:57 [Ashok]
Peter: We appreciate taking up your call ... look forward to further discussion
18:43:59 [Zakim]
- +1.415.206.aall
18:44:00 [Zakim]
18:44:00 [jbradley_ve7jtb]
18:44:00 [Zakim]
18:44:01 [Zakim]
18:44:02 [Zakim]
18:44:03 [Zakim]
18:44:04 [Zakim]
- +1.617.513.aajj
18:44:05 [Ashok]
Thanks all around
18:44:05 [Zakim]
18:44:06 [Zakim]
18:44:08 [Zakim]
18:44:10 [Zakim]
18:44:14 [Zakim]
18:44:14 [Ashok]
Close of meeting
18:44:18 [Zakim]
18:44:20 [Drummond_Reed]
Thank you Askhok for scribing
18:44:20 [Zakim]
- +1.425.644.aahh
18:44:35 [Zakim]
18:44:37 [Ashok]
rrsagent, make logs public
18:44:52 [wil]
thanks all
18:45:03 [Zakim]
18:45:17 [Stuart]
Thanks Ashok... let me know if you need help assembling the meeting record. Thx.
18:47:09 [nikaj]
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18:50:17 [Zakim]
18:50:23 [Zakim]
- +1.310.293.aakk
18:50:56 [Ashok]
Stuart ... do you know the URI for the log?
18:51:04 [GabeW]
GabeW has left #tagmem
18:52:11 [DanC]
RRSAgent, pointer?
18:52:11 [RRSAgent]
18:52:16 [DanC]
Ashok, there's the log
18:53:02 [DanC]
it's probably not readable, though; "RRSAgent, make logs member-access" or "... world-access" is probably neede
18:53:50 [Ashok]
Got it! Thx!
19:34:01 [Ashok]
zakim, list participants
19:34:01 [Zakim]
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19:50:19 [Norm]
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