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On the phone I see Tom_Baker, +0122427aaaa
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Meeting: SWD WG
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Chair: Tom
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Regrets: Sean, Alistair
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15:05:27 [vit]
ACTION: Chairs to draft charter extension proposal for SKOS until July 1st [recorded in]
15:05:33 [vit]
15:06:30 [vit]
tomb: ed & clay go on and add instructions related to f2f
15:06:46 [Ralph]
-> Washington F2F agenda
15:06:49 [vit]
clay: writing up a page about logistics
15:06:57 [vit]
ready by tomorrow
15:07:10 [vit]
add it to wiki and post to list
15:07:51 [vit]
wifi should be working
15:07:57 [edsu]
15:08:00 [Zakim]
15:08:22 [Clay]
de nada
15:08:33 [vit]
tomb: update list of F2F participants if needed
15:08:45 [vit]
.. edit wiki or drop a line
15:09:14 [vit]
ACTION: Guus and Tom draft an agenda for the May f2f [recorded in]
15:09:17 [vit]
15:09:27 [vit]
15:09:30 [Ralph]
-> "SKOS Reference editors' update" [Alistair 2008-04-14]
15:10:03 [vit]
antoine: concerns related to semantics of OWL imports
15:10:03 [Ralph]
-> "SKOS-XL & label relations" [Alistair 2008-04-14]
15:10:30 [vit]
... implementation of imports may vary in OWL
15:10:45 [Zakim]
15:10:58 [vit]
... OWL spec is not clear in this respect
15:11:18 [vit]
... we can say that we recommend OWL imports
15:11:22 [Ralph]
-> "primer on relationship between Concept Schemes and OWL Ontologies" [Alistair 2008-04-14]
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15:11:40 [vit]
ACTION: Alistair and Guus to check the text in the primer on relationship between Concept Schemes and OWL Ontologies. [recorded in]
15:11:44 [vit]
15:11:57 [vit]
ACTION: Guus to write primer text re: broaderGeneric and equivalence w/r/t subclass [recorded in]
15:12:02 [vit]
15:12:15 [vit]
ACTION: Ralph to check whether the common interpretation of rdfs isDefinedBy fits the reasoning that was made in [recorded in]
15:12:18 [vit]
15:12:18 [Ralph]
Regrets+ Simone
15:12:30 [Zakim]
15:12:47 [Guus]
zakim, ??p62 is me
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+Guus; got it
15:12:56 [vit]
15:13:25 [vit]
antoine: relations between label objects unclear... alistair proposed reification n-ary relation
15:13:46 [vit]
... solution: get all the possible patterns for this into the document
15:13:57 [vit]
... don't make a preferred choice
15:14:04 [vit]
ACTION: Antoine will review Alistair's proposals w/r/t the relationship between the existing solution and the extension [recorded in]
15:14:13 [vit]
15:14:47 [vit]
open skos issues
15:14:51 [vit]
ACTION: Alistair to make a proposal for Issue 40 (Concept Coordination) [recorded in]
15:14:53 [vit]
15:14:59 [vit]
ACTION: Alistair to review Antoine and Guus' emails to move ISSUE-71 and -74 [recorded in]
15:15:02 [vit]
15:15:49 [vit]
tomb: agenda for the f2f - document editors should propose a way how to make use of the f2f time
15:16:05 [vit]
... look at the wiki and possibly change the agenda/topics
15:16:10 [vit]
15:16:18 [vit]
ACTION: Ben to prepare draft implementation report for RDFa (with assistance from Michael) [recorded in]
15:16:21 [vit]
15:16:56 [vit]
ben: small changes, but new editor's draft still needed
15:17:05 [vit]
...mark working on that
15:17:22 [vit]
feedback would be welcome after the implementation and draft will be ready
15:18:10 [vit]
... get a draft out before the next meeting
15:18:17 [vit]
... depends on the TF approving this
15:18:35 [vit]
... primer draft looking pretty good, positive comments received
15:19:06 [vit]
... this week incorporating small changes to the syntax
15:19:15 [vit]
... primer draft by the next week
15:19:38 [vit]
guus: w.r.t. charter extension proposal - what should we plan?
15:19:47 [vit]
ben: let's be pesimistic
15:20:02 [vit]
... would go to CR in june
15:20:32 [vit]
guus: depends on the implementation report
15:20:41 [vit]
ben: no need to be pesimistic about that
15:21:49 [TomB]
CR is just for implementation - for demonstrating that your spec can be implemented by two independent developers
15:22:20 [vit]
guus: the main conversation happens when you go from last call to CR
15:22:31 [TomB]
Guus: in OWL, from Last Call to CR - consider issues raised
15:22:35 [vit]
... in case of objections, can be a difficult discussion
15:23:14 [vit]
ben: once the editor's draft is ready, we'll re-notify the previously contacted places
15:23:31 [vit]
... in pesimistic case CR end of june
15:23:37 [vit]
... period can be short
15:23:45 [vit]
... the implementations are already there
15:24:32 [vit]
guus: so that will be in the charter extension proposal then
15:25:01 [vit]
TOPIC: recipes
15:25:20 [vit]
ACTION: Ralph propose resolution to ISSUE-16 "Default behavior" [recorded in]
15:25:25 [vit]
15:25:29 [vit]
ACTION: Ralph/Diego to work on Wordnet implementation [of Recipes implementations] [recorded in]
15:25:32 [vit]
15:26:38 [Ralph]
scribenick: ralph
15:26:47 [Ralph]
Topic: Vocab Management
15:26:53 [Ralph]
Guus: we have 4 reviews
15:27:26 [Ralph]
... all 4 agree it's worthwhile to publish. Editor's should respond to comments and indicate changes to the document
15:27:52 [Ralph]
... if changes are major, may be a good idea to discuss with reviewers first
15:28:05 [Ralph]
Vit: one of the major points raised in the reviews concerns the Research Topics section
15:28:27 [Ralph]
... I proposed options to Elisa; we could either remove it or shorten it to two or three sentences
15:28:38 [Ralph]
... cite some references in case readers are interested
15:28:56 [Ralph]
... Tom seems to prefer to drop it
15:29:11 [Ralph]
... Ralph thought it interesting to keep
15:29:30 [Ralph]
... shortening may be the right compromise
15:29:44 [Ralph]
Ralph: I'd be happy with shortening the Research Topics section to a couple of sentences
15:30:23 [Ralph]
Tom: one point I raised was a connection between this document and our discussion on the policies regarding the SKOS vocabulary
15:30:43 [Ralph]
... issues with changes to the namespace and deprecated terms
15:31:12 [Ralph]
... if we're going to discuss this in Washington then whatever consensus we reach in Washington should be recorded in this VM notes
15:31:51 [vit]
ralph: pretty much the same point as tom
15:32:15 [Ralph]
Ralph: I absolutely agree that this VM Note is the place to document our design rationale for the SKOS namespace changes
15:32:22 [Ralph]
... will Vit and Elisa do that?
15:32:36 [Ralph]
Vit: I agree it should go in this document
15:32:47 [Ralph]
scribenick: vit
15:32:53 [vit]
guus: suggestion for agenda next week
15:33:08 [vit]
... distribute the preparation tasks for various SKOS issues for the f2f
15:33:31 [vit]
... ask all the issue owners
15:33:46 [vit]
tomb: just walk through the issues and make sure they'll be covered
15:34:15 [vit]
guus: all the issues should have the proposal ready in two weeks from now
15:34:21 [vit]
... 30 april would be ok
15:34:50 [vit]
tomb: next week we'll walk through all the issues
15:35:05 [vit]
guus: distribute all the related material on time
15:35:14 [Ralph]
s/30 april/29 april/
15:35:21 [vit]
tomb: every open issues?
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zakim, list attendees
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15:36:43 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been Tom_Baker, +0122427aaaa, Quentin, Clay, Ralph, Vit, Daniel_Rubin, edsu, berrueta, Guus, JonP, Margherita_Sini, Antoine_Isaac, Ben_Adida
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SW_SWD()11:00AM has ended
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Attendees were Tom_Baker, +0122427aaaa, Quentin, Clay, Ralph, Vit, Daniel_Rubin, edsu, berrueta, Guus, JonP, Margherita_Sini, Antoine_Isaac, Ben_Adida
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zakim, bye
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