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Meeting: Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 March 2008
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Dave, ??P4, ??P5
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Topic: Feedback from TF about the Test Document
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09:40:16 [Kai]
Dave: I like it
09:40:18 [Zakim]
09:40:47 [Kai]
Alan: Names of the BP Tests are confusing because they are the same as the BP
09:41:26 [Kai] makes it seem as if we are testing for compliance with BP
09:41:56 [Kai]
How would you suggest to change that?
09:42:15 [Kai]
Alan: needs to be clear and easy to see which BP they refer to
09:42:32 [Kai]
They have a link at each test that links to the BP. Is that not enough?
09:42:51 [Kai]
Alan: it's helpful but may be confusing
09:43:09 [Kai]
...we try to cram too much into each test
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ack ka
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ack phil
09:46:13 [Kai]
Phil: There was a lot of discussion about that the BP could be improved. There is no easy answer. We should come up with the best tests we can.
09:46:57 [Kai]
...we could say on top of the document that is intended to improve mobile Web
09:47:22 [Kai]
....there is some disconnection between what we and the BP doc, but that is ok.
09:47:44 [Kai]
...we are going a bit furhter than what BP says. We should allow ourselves to go beyond that.
09:48:10 [Kai]
Alan: I agree but these tests should stand on their own.
09:50:27 [PhilA]
Kai: Originally asked for feedback on the doc
09:50:39 [PhilA]
Kai: I still have to work in the part about the background-images
09:50:50 [PhilA]
Kai: We've heard nothing from the rst of the group
09:51:06 [PhilA]
PhilA: Was it discussed in Seoul?
09:51:09 [PhilA]
kai: Not sure
09:51:59 [PhilA]
PhilA: My guess is that one of the group needs to be sure to take part in the next telecon and ask Jo/Dan to put it on the agenda
09:52:04 [Kai]
ACTION: Kai to ensure that mobileOK Pro Tests doc is put on BPWG agenda
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Created ACTION-704 - Ensure that mobileOK Pro Tests doc is put on BPWG agenda [on Kai Scheppe - due 2008-03-12].
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Topic: Issues and Actions
09:54:02 [PhilA]
09:54:32 [PhilA]
PhilA: This was last year
09:55:12 [PhilA]
PhilA:; My belief is that this is partyially testable. Alan?
09:55:28 [PhilA]
Alan: Yes, it's testable but not reproducible as it's open to interpretation
09:55:39 [PhilA]
Alan: The range of devices bit is very difficult
09:55:58 [PhilA]
Kai: It's not in the doc, was that an oversight?
09:56:10 [PhilA]
Alan: It's easy to test it's just hard to come up with a benchmark
09:56:17 [PhilA]
Kai: It's a matter of definition
09:56:22 [PhilA]
Kai: What actually is TC?
09:56:47 [PhilA]
Kai: To me, in simple terms, changing layout, the idea of what it is about shouldn't change
09:57:05 [PhilA]
kai: If it's about shoes on a desktop, it's about shows on a mobile
09:57:26 [Kai]
09:58:54 [Kai]
Phil: I could envision child porn being shown on a mobile but clean content on a I see it as important.
09:59:12 [Kai]
...consitency can also be based on the device making the request.
10:00:12 [PhilA]
Kai; We have TC on 2 levels - one is the theme, and the other is on the device context
10:00:27 [PhilA]
Kai: It comes down to the end user not being given content s/he didn't expect or want
10:00:40 [PhilA]
action: Phil to create examples for Thematic Consistency
10:00:40 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-705 - Create examples for Thematic Consistency [on Phil Archer - due 2008-03-12].
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Kai: Can everyone look at the actions and set to pending please?
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action on everyone...
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Chair: Kai
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Attendees were +0788776aaaa, Phil, Kai, drooks, alan, Phil_Archer
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Present: Kai, Alan, Dave, Phil
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present- aaa
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Regrets: Dan
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Meeting: MobileOK Pro Task Force
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