From: Nelson Mitsuo Takayanagi <>
Dear Sirs

Answering your questions:
1. we are planning to send two participants;
2. we wish to make a presentation;
3. Background of Anatel:
Anatel - Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicationes:  is the Brazilian national regulatory agency in charge to implement public policies and regulate the telecommunications market, including mobile services.
The basics of the position paper that will be presented is related to the results of regulatory actitivities that allowed the penetration of mobile services, including broadband signals, to the small and uneconommical areas and people by private enterprises.
The main bullets of presentation is as follow:

1. The regulatory model adopted in Brazil in order to provide telecommunication services to all the population
2. The telecommunication regimes adopted to reduce the state interference
3. The tests to introduce micro payment to low income people
4. The regulatory obligation to people with special needs
5. The bidding process for IMT -2000 (third generation of mobile services) to relate the minimum prices with obligation to provide services to all the 5600 braxzilian municipalities and the ways to use WCDMA technology to provide broadband apllications

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