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Possible Future XML Security Specifications Work

Name of WG

XML Security Working Group

Background Material


Requirements Phase

In considering these use cases and requirements, the Working Group's attention is in particular alled to algorithmic performance and efficiency.


Specify one or more canonicalization algorithms to address the requirements agreed. At least one such algorithm should be suitable to replace Canonical XML 1.1 as a mandatory to implement canonicalization method.

Further development of XML Signature

Develop an update to the XML Signature Syntax and Processing Recommendation:

The result of this development can take the form of profile(s) or a revised specification. The Working Group is asked to consider the benefits of compatibility with the existing specification environment.

The Working Group MUST follow the versioning policy for the namespace currently used by XML Signature Syntax and Processing.

Further development of XML Encryption

Develop an update to the XML Encryption specification to ensure consistency with possible changes to the XML Signature specification, and to accommodate additional cryptographic algorithms as determined necessary.

Maintenance Work

The Working Group may only make changes of classes 1, 2, and 3 as outlined in section 7.6.2 of the Process document.


Charter for 24 months.


The Working Group should produce:

The Working Group can decide how to structure its deliverables and may consider re-organizing XML Signature from earlier versions.


Information about the XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working Group is available from the Working Group Home Page. This group primarily conducts its work on the public mailing list (archive). The group will use the Member-only mailing list (archive) for communications with W3C Member-only groups and for administrative purposes.