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XML Security Specifications Maintenance WG Interop Test wiki page

Process 1. Define categories of test and requirements of test cases


2. Contribute individual draft test cases to wiki

C14N11 test cases include pre and post canonicalization XML.

3. WG decides which test cases to include in interop and which to not include

a. Based on review of test cases, including considerations of duplicates, implementations, quality etc Visual review for correctness and logic.

4. Refine test case document to include selected test cases.

5. WG review for Gaps and correctness (visually and in individual testing).

6. Verify Correctness of test cases

a. Compare results of 2 or more implementations in interop (or before interop with informal tests)

If results differ it may be either correctness of implementation or indicate issue with test case. Further review of test case if non-obvious implementation issue.

6. Upon completion of interop, create interop test report summarizing results.