November 2007 F2F

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This meeting will take place as part of the combined Tech Plenary and Advisory Committee meetings that were held at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge MA, 5-10 November 2007. Links to the minutes and presentation materials will be added later.


Meetings are scheduled from 08:30 through 18:00 with a morning break sometime between 10:30-11:30, lunch either 12:00-13:00 or 13:00-14:00, and an afternoon break sometime between 15:00 and 16:00. We are meeting in the William Dawes B room which is described as having spece for 24 people.

More information is available on the TPAC 2007 schedule page.

Thursday Afternoon

  • Introductions for WG participants and observers
  • Scribe selection
  • Agenda tweaking


  • Test suite
  • Implementations
  • Using XAF with XSLT


  • LCWD
  • Test suite
  • Roadmap

If we have time, we will discuss

  • The role of the Wiki and its use for editorial drafts
  • Planet UWA and member blogs

We are expecting members of the Device Descriptions working group to appear mid-afternoon for joint discussions on the delivery context ontology and collaborations with other groups. The ontology should cover the needs for adapting to user preferences, especially for accessibility, the locale (user preferences for date formats etc.) and other factors that may be available to a user agent through the operating system, but which are not currently available to web page scripts etc. The Web Security Context WG may develop an ontology for security related info that may be of interest to the DC Ontology.

DC Ontology

  • Preparing FPWD
  • other devices
  • Roadmap

Review of collaborations

  • DDWG
  • OpenAjax Alliance
  • OMA (DCAP and LOC) also CC/PP2 CR?
  • 3GPP
  • PUCC

Followed by joint dinner with the Device Descriptions WG

Friday Morning

  • Introductions for WG participants and observers
  • Scribe selection

Device location


With help from the MMI WG on last call comments

  • Scheduling CR transition meeting
  • Test suite for the framework
  • Standardizing DCCI properties

Friday Afternoon

Declarative modelling of rich web apps

With help from CSS and XHTML2 and others

  • Business drivers
  • DHTML, Ajax and the status quo
  • MVC design pattern (XForms, Rails, XFY, etc)
  • Why MVC is not enough
  • Multi-layered architecture
  • XSLT and declarative event handlers
  • Intent based events (event tiers)
  • Richer dialogue models
  • Skinning the UI
  • Policy based layout
  • Markup for abstract and concrete UI
  • Role of policies in guiding adaptation
  • Distributed models
  • End-to-end models
  • Roadmap

Saturday Morning

  • Introductions for WG participants and observers
  • Scribe selection

Device Coordination

  • Terminology and use cases
  • Events and protocol bindings
  • Resource binding and access control
  • Remote user interfaces
  • Managed and unmanaged services
  • Models of devices and services
  • Roadmap

Close of meeting.