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How to Generate the Delivery Context Ontology Documentation


  • The Documentation Generator is available at here
  • The deliverycontext.owl source is at here


  • This tutorial assumes that the installation path is C:/MySpecGen
  • Create a subfolder called doc (e.g. in your generator application C:/MySpecGen/doc)
  • Copy C:/MySpecGen/xsl/dcodoc.xsl and C:/MySpecGen/xsl/template.xml files to C:/MySpecGen/doc
  • Running...
    • Main class: org.morfeo.myspecgen.SpecGen
    • Mandatory arguments:
      • OWL URI (e.g file:///C:/MySpecGen/deliveryContextAll.owl
      • Relative output folder (e.g doc)
  • If the builded is successfully you have every files for each group of terms in doc folder: common.html, deliverycontext.html, hardware.html, java.html, location.html, network.html, push.html, software.html and web.html
  • Manual Process... (it's very easy this task because there is a comment in all target files so you can identify the place where paste it)
    • Term Index
      • Copy this of the doc/default.html to termIndex.html
        <div id="termIndex">
    • Object Property Hierarchy Summary
      • Copy this of the properties.html to objectPropHierarchy.html
        <div class="div1"><h2>Object Property Hierarchy Summary</h2><div id="ObjectProperties" ....
    • Datatype Property Hierarchy Summary
      • Copy this of the properties.html to dataTypePropHierarchy.html
        <div class="div1"><pre><h2>Datatype Property Hierarchy Summary</h2><div id="DatatypeProperties" ....
    • Class Hierarchy Summary
      • Copy all content of classes.html to classHierarchy.html

How to Modularize the DCO Ontology


  • This section describes how you can modularize the DCO Ontology
  • A Protege Plugin was developed for splitting the ontology (compatible Protege 3.3.1)
    • It's available from here


  • Decompress the file in Protege_3.3.1/plugins


  • Add this path plugins/org.morfeo.mymw.dc.plugin/xalan.jar to run_protege.bat file
    • E.g: set JARS=protege.jar;..;plugins/org.morfeo.mymw.dc.plugin/xalan.jar;

User Guide

  • Load DCOntology in Protege
  • Tools > DCOntology > Modularize
  • If the process was finished successfully you have the target files saved in the same folder than the DCOntology OWL