Moving The Digital Divide

Opera - the browser company

the Best Internet Experience
on Any Device for Everyone

Charles McCathieNevile - Chief Standards Officer

There is one Web

But many ways to use it

India: 35 million desktop connections

... and 150+ million phones, +5M / month

Nigeria: Nokia's best seller is N70

But half the market is Voice+SMS

Phone and Web

Short, cheap
On any phone
Easily monetised
No media, output = input
Rich multimedia is easy
Simple infrastructure to set up
Freedom of services
Freedom of devices
  • People want access to services
  • Developers want to create value by producing services
    - not lose value by having to re-engineer the same thing again
  • Opera Mobile

    Web 1.0
    HTML, XHTML, CSS - Pages
    New content
    SVG (graphics), RSS (news)
    Web 2.0
    AJAX, Platform

    Opera Mini

    Mini matters


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    there are no foolish questions,
    only fools who do not question