W3C's Mobile Web Initiative, 3GWeb and NEM

W3C Mobile Web Initiative

Dr. Philipp Hoschka
W3C Deputy Director
Ubiquitous Web Domain Leader

NEM General Assembly - Brussels, Belgium
October 23, 2007

W3C Mobile Web Initiative: Why Best Practices are Needed

Typical horror reaction of a user faced with some Web sites on a mobile device

3GWeb: W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Checker

Screenshot of the checker in action

"mobileOK" Conformance Mark

mobileOK Logo

Main Objectives W3C MobiWeb2.0 Project

Further NEM Interest: W3C Technology for Ubiquitous Computing

Photos of Web on phones, TV, refrigerator, cars, plane
  • Multi-device, wireless applications
  • Application development using Web technologies
    • ECMAscript, Markup, Ajax, ...
    • Large pool of developers available
  • Web applications for "Internet of Things"