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Unary User Defined Datatypes: Issues

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Open Issues

ISSUE-29: User-defined Datatypes: owl:DataRange vs rdfs:Datatype

Some context for this design comes from the Protégé 3.x implementation, discussed at http://protege.stanford.edu/plugins/owl/xsp.html

ISSUE-31: Canonical URI for externally defined datatypes

This issue is concerned with referencing XML schema definitions from within OWL RDF/XML, as discussed in this SWBPD WG Note.

ISSUE-71: Create datarange of literals matching given language range

ISSUE-74: Use the xsd namespace for the facet names

E.g., why is owl11:maxExclusive preferred to xsd:maxExclusive?

Closed Issues

ISSUE-11: Specification of which facet is being restricted in a datatype restriction is missing

Resolved as a now corrected problem with the XML Schema, see minutes from 2007-11-07 telecon.

ISSUE-28: Multiple facet restrictions per data range

Email from Boris says multiple facets would be interpreted conjunctively and specs could be extended to support this.

Additional Items (Potential Issues)

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