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Call in details

When joining please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  • Admin
    • Roll call
    • Agenda amendments?
    • PROPOSED: Accept Previous Minutes (4 March)
    • Action items status
      • Pending Review Actions
        • Action 281 Send out a response to XML Schema after the f2f / Peter Patel-Schneider
        • Action 295 Prepare a reply to comment 20 / Boris Motik
        • Action 301 Contact Andy Seaborn and try to make sure he's happy with our work on rdf:text, and will talk to use about any remaining issues / Jie Bao
        • Action 298 Make fixes for 61 and craft response / Ian Horrocks
        • Action 305 Tell us how much naming of datatypes would cost / Peter Patel-Schneider
        • Action 303 Flesh out the response to 58 / Ian Horrocks
        • Action 304 Craft the response to 28 and 48 / Ian Horrocks
      • Due and overdue Actions
        • Action 270 Add new examples in response to IH1 / Boris Motik
        • Action 292 Talk to RIF to see what datatypes in OWL must not be in OWL-RL / Sandro Hawke
        • Action 300 Send wg apology to jim re: initial version of / Alan Ruttenberg
        • Action 299 Find and fix the to-wiki-links Jeremy complains about / Sandro Hawke
        • Action 283 Add an ontology header and a comment to each of the test cases from WebOnt that are prevented from being syntactically OWL 2 DL only be the absence of this header and create content for errata on webont tests / Michael Smith
  • Datatypes
    • Draft Proposal: OWL 2 datatypes will have disjointness as in XML Schema (i.e., the datatypes xsd:string, xsd:boolean, owl:real, xsd:float, xsd:double, xsd:dateTimeStamp, xsd:hexBinary, xsd:base64Binary, and xsd:anyURI are pairwise disjoint), as requested in LC Comments 22 and 24.
      • Currently xsd:string, xsd:boolean, owl:real, xsd:dateTimeStamp, xsd:hexBinary, and xsd:anyURI are pairwise disjoint. This separates out xsd:float, xsd:double, and xsd:base64Binary.
    • Draft Proposal: Remove the datatype owl:realPlus from OWL 2, as it was introduced to unify floats, doubles, and other numbers.
    • Proposal: Add named datatypes to OWL 2 - one definition per datatype not in the datatype map, acyclic, as per email from Boris and mentioned in LC Comments 51 and 62.
  • Plans documents
  • Last Call Comments (see [1] and Responses to Last Call Comments)
  • Test Cases
    • Problems with approved test cases?
    • Progress on tool support, e.g., for "species validation"?
    • How to organize related tests - e.g. same input but different results for DL versus Full/RL (e.g. punning/sameas)
    • PROPOSED: Approve some/all of the test cases currently in the test queue
  • Coordination with RIF
    • Organization
    • LC comments on rdf:text
    • Datatypes - Sandro update
  • Features "At-Risk" (just a reminder)
    • owl:rational support
    • xsd:decimal precision
    • owl:dateTime name
    • rdf:XMLLiteral support
    • OWL 2 RL Datatypes
  • Additional other business


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