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Call in details

If joining late please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  • ADMIN (20 min)
    • Roll call
    • Agenda amendments
    • Europeans: Note, due to daylight savings time meeting will be 1 hour earlier for the next three weeks, ie, for the meeting starting next week until the end of March.
    • PROPOSED: Accept Previous Minutes (5 March)
    • F2F: Registration Fees and Signup
    • Action items status
      • Of note: Progress on Action 93 Full semantics (see Michael's email) and current state of specified semantics
      • Pending Review Actions
        • Action 96 Send note to WG summarizing feeling re: FPWD of Primer. We are going for it Alan
        • Action 97 Send cookbook proposal / Alan Ruttenberg (email)
        • Action 98 Ask W3C view on "1 page printout?" / Alan Ruttenberg (email)
        • Action 99 Change sidebar Fragments link to new page / Alan Ruttenberg
      • Due and overdue Actions
        • Action 72 Put his use case for punning onto a wiki page (for reasoning associated with punned properties, and the question about object data property punning vs annotation properties) / Alan Ruttenberg
        • Action 76 Arrange HP review of OWL Prime page / Jeremy Carroll
        • Action 86 Send proposal for issue-91 ontology property / Jeremy Carroll
        • Action 90 Summarise problem with bnodes in ISSUE-3 vs bnodes in OWL list / Jeremy Carroll
        • Action 101 Summarize current state of issue 91 / Alan Ruttenberg
  • Raised Issues (15 minutes)
    • Issue 96 OWL1.1 vocabulary names
    • Issue 100 Should there be valid OWL ontologies that can not be expressed in RDF
    • Issue 101 Equating plain literals with no language tag to xsd:string
    • Issue 102 URI cannot be declared to be an annotation property, which in turn means that annotation URIs can't have annotations on them
  • Proposals to Resolve Issues
  • General Discussions (30 min)
    • Next steps towards working drafts (email)
      • Towards a formal vote to publish: Must-have/ Would-be-nice
      • Reviewers
      • Status of fragments document / Fragment naming (is naming a must-have or a would-be-nice?)
      • Syntax in Primer
  • Issues (20 min)
    • Resolved Editorial Issues
    • Issue Discussions
      • Issue 16 Entity annotations status (and possibly Issue 102)
      • Issue 71 create datarange of literals matching given language range (also possible Issue 101)
      • Possibly Issue 100, if accepted - bears on a number of other issues.
      • Issue 69 punning is incompatible with OWL Full (maybe not - time permitting)
  • Additional other business (5 min)

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