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Support for OWL 2:

  • "Thanks to the OWL working group for its amazing accomplishments!" [1]
  • "I greatly appreciate the many improvements offered by OWL 2 and see many benefits for the Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group" [2]
  • "I think the "Structural Specification..." is rather fine" [3]
  • "property disjointness can be used in specifying the semantics for SKOS mapping relations" and "we can foresee use cases for new property characteristics such as (a)reflexivity and asymmetry" (sic) [4]
  • "We've chosen to use OWL 2 RL as the basis for our products" [5]
  • "I'd like to express my interest in and support for the proposed extensions to be incorporated in OWL2" [6]
  • "I'd like to express my interest for this great work extending OWL. I'm sure this will make easier the language usage." [7]
  • "I welcome the introduction of: QCRs, Property Chains, asymmetric properties, disjoint properties, keys, annotation properties, extended data types, disjoint union" [8]
  • "I'd like to express my support for the proposed extensions and profiles described in OWL 2 Web Ontology Language New Features and Rationale" [9]
  • "the rationale for the new features seem well-founded and some of these features will be of potential benefit to BT in our work with customers, particularly (but not necessarily exclusively) in the health sector" [10]
  • "We fully encourage the further evolution of OWL 2 and believe that it may represent a critical enabling technology in the provision of Personalized Medicine, and the achievement of fully integrated, patient-centric care." [11]
  • "OWL2 should facilitate the use of our medical ontology in our real life applications, in production databases and datawarehouses as well." [12]