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Editorial: Make abstracts more specifically targeted to the documents

Raised by AlanRuttenberg.

For example, here is the current abstract for syntax. I've italicized the portion that is generic. It should start with the bit about "This document defines...", include some motivation for the syntax (e.g. round tripping difficulties with the previous syntax, lack of an object model for implementors justifying the structural specification) and quickly list the constructs adding new expressivity.

OWL 1.1 extends the W3C OWL Web Ontology Language with a small but useful set of features that have been requested by users, for which effective reasoning algorithms are now available, and that OWL tool developers are willing to support. The new features include extra syntactic sugar, additional property and qualified cardinality constructors, extended datatype support, simple metamodelling, and extended annotations. This document defines a functional-style syntax for OWL 1.1, and provides an informal discussion of the meaning of the additional constructs. As well, an informational structural specification of OWL 1.1 ontologies is provided.