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Pivotal issue: what is the new name for "OWL 2 DL"? (and to a lesser extent "OWL 2 Full") Does it keep that name? If we keep "DL", then the other names have a hard time being parallel names. If we change it, we no longer need the "2" for uniqueness, eg we can say:... the OWL 2 "Blue" profile, or just "OWL Blue"...

Moving on -- here are some possible naming schemes, of various flavors. With thanks and apologies to folks at dinner who helped brainstorm some of them.

Please don't read much into this, and certainly take no insult! (I only left out Manchester because it's too long! Honest! And it's got the syntax....)

DL EL++ DL-Lite OWL-R Full
One Letter OWL 2-D OWL 2-E OWL 2-Q OWL 2-R OWL 2-X
Alternate Letters L C, T I, C, G F, T, P
Two Letter OWL 2 DL OWL 2 EL OWL 2 QL OWL 2 RL OWL 2 XL
Fighting Words OWL OWL-E OWL-Q OWL-R OWL-X
Colors Blue Green Yellow Orange Red
Gems Diamond Emerald Topaz Amber Ruby
Planets Saturn Mars Mercury Neptune Jupiter
Philosophers Aristotle Socrates Plato Russell Sartre
Cities Oxford Dresden Rome Troy Cambridge
Flavors Vanilla Strawberry Mint Coffee Chocolate
Screech Owls Eastern Tropical Pacific Peruvian Western
Owl Markings Horned Spotted Mottled Barred Striped
Owl Genus Athene Strix Ninox Otus Asio
Don't blame Sandro Complete OWL Classy OWL Sequel OWL Ruleish OWL Any OWL