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A list of the postponed issues from the previous Webont Working Group. Consider now to be reported per HowIssuesAreProcessed‎

Webont Issue Peter's assessment Jeremy's assesssment notes
3.2 Qualified Cardinality Restrictions in OWL 1.1
4.3 Structured Datatypes for new RDF WG

could be addressed

4.4 Extra Logical Feature Set in OWL 1.1

incorrectly postponed? actually closed?

Jim's comment
4.8 Trust and Ontology too hard - research needed

out of scope

5.4 OWL Quote insufficient rigour out of scope
5.7 Range restrictions in OWL 1.1
5.12 Entailing inconsistencies much too hard - research needed

out of scope

5.25 Justifications out of scope
6.1 Unnamed Individual Restrictions ??? should be considered - probably to reject
6.2 Compound Keys too hard - research needed isn't the research done yet?

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